Sometimes the best things about traveling to another country isn't what you can see, but what you can eat or drink. Isn't it even better when you've got them both all in the same place? Welcome to Zambia, a place where you've got everything from safaris to Rhino lager.

Nestled along the Zambezi River, the country of Zambia is 752,000 square kilometers of nightlife, wildlife, and good food & drink to share with friends.

Getting around Zambia is easy enough, with a good network of roads and frequent bus serivce. A 2-class rail system will bring you from the capital city of Lusaka to Livingstone--where you can bungee jump a whopping 111 meters over the Zambezi.

Bordering neighboring Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls plunges more than three times that distance at a staggering 345 feet. From the Zambia side you can go right up to the falls for the best views.

The Zambezi River isn't just for bungee jumping, mind you. Canoeing along this epic African river is a treat all its own. A great way to see some local wildlife.

A walking safari is too, Some of the country's National Parks offer everything from antelope that are unique to the area, as well as everything from buffalo and 350 species of bird at the North Luangwa National Park; and hippos, lions, and zebra in the South Luangwa Park.

The Kasanka National Park has some eight lakes and four rivers, so you'll always be surprised at what you'll find here.

There's nothing like talking over the sights and sounds of your safari, so share some local Baobob White (it's made from the Baobob tree) or Rhino lager while noshing on some salmon or Nile Perch.

Once you're well-fed, you're ready to tackle many of Zambia's outdoor markets. You can buy everything from pottery to beadwork, copperware to ornate carvings.

Of course, if you're in the mood to gamble, look no further than the casinos in Livingstone--which also has some happening nightlife.

All you need to enjoy Zambia is a passport, visa (some countries are upon arrival, but best to check with the consulate beforehand), and return ticket. And don't forget to get vaccinations against TB, Malaria, Yellow Fever, Typhoid, and Hepititis A & B.

A good way to stay healthy is to drink bottled or boiled water, make sure your veg and meat are well cooked, and your fruits peeled.

Make sure the weather is going to suit you too. There are three seasons in Zambia where its cool & dry from May to September; hot & dry October and November; and hotter & rainy from December to April.

Some would think, Who would want to take a walking safari in the rain? Here in Zambia you'd be crazy not to.