Planning to visit England this vacation is a brilliant idea. This country hosts some of the best vacation spots, rich culture and magnificent architecture. Whether you are visiting with a family or alone, you will enjoy the parks and boat rides. If it’s London you chose for a destination then you don’t have to worry about the accommodation or the good restaurants, you’ll find great hotels in central London and during the night, the city transforms into a busy place with many club and restaurants to choose from. Regardless of what town you visit in England, you can be sure that your day will be long and memorable. Below are 10 things you must see while there.


1.Art Galleries

Two of the most visited art galleries are the Tate modern and Tate Britain. They are known to host the best art work in the world. Tate modern has a collection of new and contemporary pieces of art while the latter has pieces of art collected in the 16th century. If you are around the Oxford Street, stop over at the Wallace collection, another art gallery. The major art galleries like the National Portrait Gallery and National Gallery open their doors for tourists up to late in the evening. Therefore, you can schedule this visit at the end of your day.


Your visit will not be complete without a visit to London’s museums. If you are interested in learning the history from way back during the Romans times to date visit Museum of London. For a collection of scientific items, visit the Science museum. For those visiting with a family, the museum that is best for you is the Natural History Museum. London appreciates its visitors and charges an attractive entrance fee to all major museums.

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