The Austrian Alps Have Another Winner

St. Anton am Arlberg is a top ski destination in the Tyrol Region of Austria, offering all sorts of apres ski activities and history.

Skiing in St. Anton in the Tyrol region of the Austrian Alps is unlike most other destinations. Not only is this high in the sky town incredibly beautiful, it's family friendly too.

That doesn't mean that St. Anton is one big kindergarten, or that you can't let out an expletive now and again. Heck, I think I've let out a number of them just looking at the height of the Alps standing above me. At a forboding 9,222 feet, you'd let let out one too.

I think the reason people ski is to get the most terrific mountain views. Nah, just kidding, but you go get on one of the 28 gondolas, and then get back to me. There are more ways of getting to the top of the mountain, with 82 cable cars and lifts. Wait, that includes the 28 gondolas.

Did you know that Sankt Anton am Arlberg hosted the 2001 Alpine Ski Championship? No? It's all right, just know this: you don't have to be a professional to even attempt to ski on its 160 miles of pistes and 114 miles of deep snow. Ski schools are all over the place, even offering lessons to children.

I told you Sankt Anton (another name for this gem) was family friendly. However, I would leave the kids behind if you're going to hit up one of the town's bars. They're adult entertainment, even if they have names like the Funky Chicken.

Bar hopping isn't all to do. Eating is a French pastime, and the restaurants will certainly give delight any gastronome or hungry fellow that comes along. All that snowmobiling and snow shoeing will no doubt make you hungry.

Sorry, I'm not too sure about whether mountaineering or heli-skiing will make you hungry. I'm too much of a (funky) chicken to even attempt it. Logic would say all that kind of activity surely would work up an appetite.

It would make you tired. I'd say you're best off finding a lodge in the village of Pettneu/Schann where there are more guest beds than residents (there's just over a thousand people living here); and the views of the German Allgäu are found in the distance (so is Italy and Switzerland it seems).

Other accommodations are available, including 2-, 3-, 4-, and 5-star hotels with a variety of ammenities. Campers are welcome too, with an R/V park in the area. Wherever you stay, you're welcome enjoy the spas and Wellness Park.

Summer's great to be here, but just in case you're info for the snow you can still see the St. Anton Museum, which doesn't open until 3pm, not closing until 10. You're going to have to wait until the snow melts do to a segway tour of St. Anton and St. Christoph.

For those of you who need ski or snowboarding equipment you can rent it either by the day or the week. Prices aren't all too expensive, ranging from 27 to 42 Euro a day, and upwards to 182 Euro for the week.

Way cheaper than paying those exessive airline baggage fees, right? All the better to pay for skiing in the Austrian Alps ski resort town of Sankt Anton am Arlberg.


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