Gatwick Airport Parking
Gatwick Airport Parking

Key Takeaway Table

Key PointsDetails
Types of Parking Short-stay, long-stay, valet, and premium parking options
Cost Overview of pricing for different parking types and tips on saving money
Security Features of parking security at Gatwick Airport
Booking Tips How to book, best times to book, and cancellation policies
Additional Services Additional services such as car washes, electric charging points
Location and Transport Location of car parks and transport options to terminals


Gatwick Airport is the second-busiest airport in the UK and the eighth-busiest in Europe by total passenger traffic. 2 Located just 29.5 miles (47.5 km) south of Central London, Gatwick serves as a major international gateway and transportation hub for the Greater London area and the South East of England.As a key airport for both business and leisure travellers, Gatwick offers connections to over 200 destinations worldwide, including many high-growth markets.1 It is the secondary UK hub for British Airways and the largest base for low-cost carrier easyJet. 2 With its two terminals, extensive route network, and excellent transport links to London and the rest of the UK, Gatwick Airport plays a vital role in facilitating both domestic and international travel to and from the region. The airport's importance as a travel hub continues to grow, making it an essential consideration for holidaymakers looking to access the UK.

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When planning a holiday, choosing the right parking option at the airport is a crucial consideration for many travellers. The parking choice can significantly impact the overall cost, convenience, and start to the trip. Making an informed decision on the most suitable parking option is important for a stress-free travel experience.The parking option selected should strike a balance between cost and convenience based on individual preferences and trip requirements. For example, short-stay parking is ideal for quick drop-offs and pick-ups, while long-stay parking offers a more budget-friendly option for longer trips. Valet parking provides added convenience for those with heavy luggage or tight schedules, while premium parking offers a more luxurious start to the holiday. Advance booking is generally advisable to secure the best rates and ensure availability, especially during busy travel periods.1 Comparison websites allow travellers to easily compare parking options, prices, and reviews to find the most suitable choice for their needs. By carefully considering the parking options and booking in advance, holidaymakers can enjoy a smoother start and end to their trip.

Types of Parking at Gatwick Airport

Short-Stay Parking

Ideal for quick drop-offs and pick-ups. Very expensive even for a couple of hours. So you really must be careful about deciding to use this option.
Obviously the best for convenince and the closest to the terminal.
Short Stay Gatwick Cost Correct at May 2024 

  • Up to 30 mins: £6.00
  • 31 - 60 mins: £10.00
  • 1 - 2 hours: £15.50
  • 2 - 3 hours: £19.50
  • 3 - 4 hours: £23.50
  • 4 - 5 hours: £27.50
  • 5 - 6 hours: £31.00
  • 6 - 12 hours: £50.00
  • 12 - 24 hours: £60.00

Long-Stay Parking

Cost-effective for longer trips. Inconveneient for pickup and drop offs with required bus connections which can be every 10 minutes or longer.

Valet Parking

Convenience and benefits for those with lots of luggage or tight schedules. A luxury option for those who don't mind having a valet drive your vehicle.

Premium Parking

Features and benefits for a more luxurious start to your holiday.

Cost of Parking at Gatwick Airport

A week in the long stay car park costs start at around 70 pounds as of 2024. Always look to book in advance to save on pricing across the different duration classes. There doesn't seem to be any seasonal variations just a steady increase every 6 months. So again advantagous to pre pay.

Security Measures in Gatwick Parking Facilities

Overview of security features (CCTV, patrolled areas, entry and exit barriers). Peace of mind for holidaymakers leaving their cars for long periods.

How to Book Parking at Gatwick Airport

Select a couple of providers which we have some options to start your search. Input your dates and get a price. Note down the price and include any loyalty discounts or vouchers you may have.

Cancellation policies and refunds. Expect to loose money on cancelling your booking. So be sure of your holiday plans before buying airport parking.

Additional Services Offered at Gatwick Parking

Details on extra services such as car washes, electric vehicle charging stations, and mechanical services.

Benefits of these services for holidaymakers.

Location and Transport Links to Gatwick Terminals

Map and description of parking locations relative to airport terminals.

Options for transferring from the car park to the terminals (shuttle services, walking paths).


Address common questions and concerns about parking at Gatwick Airport.

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