Copenhagen is a top backpacking destination offering an alternative travelling experience. The architecture is impressive in the medieval city and most of the attractions are free.

Getting Around

Travellers would do well to get on their bike during a trip to the city and most Copenhagen hostels can provide information about the budget-friendly City Bike scheme.
It is quicker and cheaper to travel around the city by bike than by using any other form of transport. Stepping on to the harbor bus is also a cheap alternative to official canal tours and a great way to view the city from the water.


Copenhagen has a wealth of palaces, museums and historical monuments for the backpacker to see.
Travellers can look out of their Copenhagen hostel window and observe the baroque and modern architecture broken by church and cathedral spires such as the Church of Our Saviour. Energetic backpackers can even climb to the very top of the imposing spire.
Frederiksstaden is where travellers will find the Amalienborg Palace and Marble Church as well as an abundance of beautiful 18th century mansions.
Literary backpackers can head for the Royal Library, nicknamed the Black Diamond, which is inspired by the Northern Lights. Travellers should also keep their fingers crossed for a free sample during a tour of the Carlsberg breweries.


Museums and art galleries are numerous in Copenhagen. The National Museum offers a fascinating history lesson and the National Gallery displays exhibits dating from the 12th century to contemporary works.
Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek contains the personal collection of Carl Christian Hillman Jacobsen, son of the founder of Carlsberg, and is well worth seeing.


There are many green spaces in Copenhagen. King's Garden is the oldest park in the city and is in the Rosenborg Castle garden. In the northeast part of the city is the renaissance citadel Kastellat, enjoyed by locals and travelers as a historical park.


Copenhagen has a vibrant jazz scene and travelers fortunate enough to catch a music festival will enjoy great sounds at reasonable prices.
Travelers wandering along Stroget will come across an array of street entertainment in the form of magicians, jugglers and other street performers. A great night out without spending a penny will do wonders for a backpacker's budget.
Tea cafes and traditional restaurants are great places to kick back and enjoy the best of Copenhagen local produce. Danish cuisine is simple and backpackers will come across Smorrebrod, open Danish sandwiches and Koldt bord, which features seafood.