Brass Band Tivoli

Denmark was a wonderful Country for me and the highlight was something that really surprised me, it was a simple evening at Tivoli in Copenhagen. It was as  an artistic Disney from yesteryear with such picturesque lighting and sounds going on one couldn't help but dream. Especially as night was coming. It finished with a light-show on the lake which was done so well and there were not the crowds that usually follow something so good. But I especially liked the last performance of the brass band as couples danced and celebrated summer and perhaps other things.

In fact I took the Ryan air flight to Aarhus in Jutland and bus across to Copenhagen or Kobenhavn as the locals call her. I had planned on a visit to Roskilde a heavy duty festival known for rock on this day instead which I had raced almost to Copenhagen for I did Tivoli for some reasons, whatever they were I did the right thing for me. Roskilde isn’t for a day !

Arhus is an interesting town with nice beaches and a town centre that is easily do-able on foot. I took a nice run in the sun from my hostel which was also good, although here the bedding is expensive to rent for just one night so bring your own.TIP: This is the case all throughout Scandinavia. Back to my run which took me round the docks, harbour and people eating in nice restaurants (sorry for breezing past) grass verges with a circus , many people on bikes. I wish I had some time to explore the countryside here if the city is so unspoilt then the back country should be great.

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