The town of Cambridge has been a seat for learning for many centuries.

Over the years of learning, Cambridge has witnessed the greatest minds of the world taking shape. The alumnus list of Cambridge University includes the likes of Newton, Darwin, Milton and along with modern pioneers of knowledge like Charles Babbage, E M Forster and Stephen Hawking. Cambridge has been the place where Watson & Crick first interpreted the double helix model of the DNA. The grandiose Roman architecture of the University buildings emanates a sublime aura of knowledge, which combined with the romanticism of the bicycle lanes and the punting in the backwaters of the University, signifies a simplistic character that has its feet on the ground while exploring the uppermost echelons of knowledge.

The prudent traveller will also be happy to know that there is also no dearth of cheap hotels in Cambridge town as it provides accommodation to tourists and families of students studying at the Cambridge University. The colleges of Cambridge are home to more than 17,000 students. The Kings College Chapel is the most renowned image of Cambridge around the world. The attractions that this ideal English town offers, makes it a great stop for a short vacation and enjoying the ideal England. Visitors can stay in the cheap hotels Cambridge, being easy on their wallet and at the same time enjoying the plentiful English delights that this riverside town offers to the visitors. 

There’s in fact lot to do in Cambridge, including a visit to the art galleries and museums that this town offers. For classical artworks, there is the Fitzwilliam Museum on Trumpington street, housing art collection from 14th century. If you are interested in modern art and sculpture, you can visit the Kettle’s Yard on Castle street. You might also like to spend a sunny day at the Milton county park or at the Cambridge University Botanic Garden. A visit to the Sedgwick museum is also worth the stay in Cambridge. Another quite interesting sightseeing attraction in Cambridge is its ghost tours through the haunted mansions of Cambridge, complete with chilling anecdotes of ghosts. There are also quite a few opportunities for dining out in Cambridge. The Fudge kitchen and the Auntie’s teashop are also frequently visited destinations in Cambridge. Cambridge also has a vibrant cultural scene. There’s the West Road concert Hall that attracts world-class orchestras, concerts and soloists. If you prefer a pop or rock concert, you can head down to the Corn exchange.

So, that covers almost all the activities and sightseeing in Cambridge. For these activities, you are required to stay in Cambridge and it’s quite natural for you to search for cheap hotels to stay in Cambridge. There are in fact quite a number of cheap hotels in Cambridge, offering comfortable accommodation and food along with other amenities like Wi-Fi connectivity. Here are a few of these hotels to stay Cambridge.

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Cambridge Places To Stay

• Acacia Guest House on Mowbray road, Cambridge: 2 miles from the historic city centre, this hotel provides a comfortable stay within affordable budget. This is an ideal hotel for touring as the key tourist destinations of Cambridge are all easily accessible from this hotel. Acacia guest house is definitely one of the best cheap hotels in Cambridge.

• The Castle: Located in St Andrews street, this hotel is at the heart of historical city center of Cambridge and should be counted among one of the best cheap hotels in Cambridge town. This is the best place to stay and shop in Cambridge.

• The White Hart Country Inn: If you prefer a village ambience to stay, then you can travel to the picturesque village of Fulbourn, three miles away from the city center where a century old traveler’s inn still serves the purpose of accommodation for travelers.