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Devon is an excellent location for buying a holiday property. The choice of the different property types and locations are varied and it is a destination that never gets boring. The North Devon coast especially is beautiful, most is an area of outstanding natural beauty and the amount of activities on offer can entertain even the fussiest of children.

Of course, surfing is a large draw to this area. The beaches of Woolacombe, Saunton and Croyde are always full of surfers in the summer months but even out of season. The mild climate in the south of the UK means Devon can be visited out of the normal holiday’s seasons with very pleasant weather conditions. In surfing terms, it is often the slightly wilder and duller days that produce the best surf.

The Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, or AONB, was given this designation in 1959. The North Devon AONB is an area totalling 171 square kilometres, from Marsland Mouth on the Cornish border to Combe Martin. The Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty status means the area is nationally protected for the beauty of its landscape. The coastal landscape around Combe Martin is some of the best in the UK. From Combe Martin, the Hangman Cliffs can be seen made up of two cliffs Little Hangman and Great Hangman. Great Hangman is the highest cliff in southern Britain at a height of 328 meters above sea level.

The countryside is splendid with plenty of walks for the less adventurous walking along the miles of beaches is really quite a spectacle. Then just a short drive away in the large town of Barnstaple. It is in Barnstaple that many self catering holiday makers will visit to stock up on food and other supplies being the largest town in the area. It is now far easier to access both from north Devon and the M5 by the new bypass which opened in 2007. Previous to the bypass being constructed, congestion was a large problem, especially is the height of summer. The market in Barnstaple is found on a Tuesday, Friday and Saturday and has stalls selling all the fantastic local produce available in this highly fertile area.

By visiting larger towns such as Barnstaple, self catering holidays can be kept as cheap as possible. Static caravans and lodges have large freezers and fridges which can be stocked up for the week, 2 or 3 weeks. Especially is terms of a family holiday, food can be a large chunk of the holiday budget. Keeping these costs to a minimum without compromising on quality is the key. The abundance of beaches makes a family holiday in North Devon a very cost effective holiday. Surfing, waling, other water sports or simply just sunbathing couldn’t be cheaper activities.

Buying a Holiday Caravan Tips

** WARNING ** - When making the purchase of a caravan or similar ensure that you read the terms and conditions particularly when it comes to reselling. Many don't allow you to advertise nor put a sign in the window, this then means you get offered a reduced price and if you are desperate a big loss. This website takes no responsibility for the accuracy of websites nor business advertisements that may be linked to from our website. Do your own due dilligence.

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