When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life-Samuel Johnson

London, the vibrant city where Big Ben keeps time, is a city of unending exploration. Every nook and cranny of London is endowed with the mysterious foggy blanket and grayish cloudiness that London is so well known for. London has been a confluence of cultures and a center stage for revolutionary movements, although always upholding the ideal British charm and calm that the Brits call their own. Yes, we are speaking of Lady Diana and the mysterious sunny beauty of this proud city called London, which is also a major tourist destination of the world. 
Colorful, playful and dynamic, the city of London is a dream destination to stay and explore. You will definitely need hotels to stay, cheap hotels in that case, are available in plentiful all over London. The cheap hotels in London can range from simple accommodation facilities to Bread & Breakfast fixtures, where you can safely keep your belongings and explore London by the day. However, before this article offers you any information on cheap hotels to stay in London, first, here is a glimpse of your possible sightseeing itinerary in London.
In addition, London is a major shopping destination of the world, offering amazing high street fashion choices like Topshop and the vivid multi-culture of Soho. Where you want to stay in London actually depends on which part of London you would like to explore, and cheap hotels for staying are available everywhere. An exciting start of your London adventure should be the magnanimous London Eye Ferris wheel on the South Bank of London. Feel the vast expanse of London from the London Eye and you can say your friends back home that you have seen the entire London. If you have an inclination for Royal life and you feel for the British Regalia, then you should definitely pay a visit to the Buckingham palace and the Tower of London, the places that were not tourist destinations in their heydays. For a thorough idea of colonial history and British history, consider a visit to the famous British Museum and the Imperial War museum. These are not the end of museums in London however, and the Natural History museum along with the Science Museum in South Kensington is worth a visit. Then again, there are the National Gallery and the neighboring National Portrait Gallery. The St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Westminster abbey are also places of immense historical interest. A London tour cannot be possibly completed in a week, you would need more time to settle in the vibe of London. Whatever the duration of your tour is, fortunately there are always cheap hotels for staying in London, an internet search with the London region you are going to stay will provide you with plenty of options to choose from.
London is also a shopping destination for the global citizen. Some of the major shopping names of London are Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Selfridges, Hamleys and Fortnum& Mason. For high street collections, make Oxford street a must visit destination, and of course there is Soho. Public transport system in London is extensive with Hop on Hop off buses and underground railway system. Whatever cheap hotels you are staying, you will be sure to find one underground station adjacent to it.

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