What is the closest airport to Milton Keynes? Answer: London Luton Airport

Milton Keynes was designed in 1969 and engulfed some villages 50 miles outside of London. It is a very unique city for the uk. It has been designed with the American style grid of roads appropriatey named h for horizontal and v for vertical therefore you could work out where you need to be if say your company was situated on h3 v7. All the intersections are not lights but roundabouts and dual carriageways are the norm here. So its great to get around in and you can park. So while it enjoys a lot of criticsm for having a lack of character the locals love the convenience and it is within commutable distance of London.
To give the place some character metal cows painted the classic white and black can be seen at random moments. Also there is a Buddhist temple of a large size you can wander through of Japanese design. Appreciate the Zen of the gravel and stone garden yourself. There is a prayer tree which only adds to the mysticism but is touching to read some of the notes on the tree. If you want a quiet walk around the less busy Willen lake. There are two one much more developed close to Gullivers world a theme park where you can sail and do lakey type stuff.

Milton Keynes village is worth a visit as you leave the new style construction all of a sudden you arrive in older English village.

The shopping centre is one of the largest in Europe and you can get there fast and park for free or park very close and pay a meter.

If you like you might try the snow dome a real snow ski slope to get your legs in shape for winter. Yes Milton Keynes has this cool type stuff. The theatre district is the other side of the shopping centre and worth a visit in the evening.

If you go to Milton Keynes do some research and decide on what to do as its not the sort of place that inspiration will just come to you. I hope that if you know of some good things to do in Milton Keynes then write a quick idea below for our readers. You will enjoy the ease of it and perhaps wish you lived there...