The town of Oxford, renown across the world for its educational meliority, is also a great tourist destination, owing to its museums, libraries and other attractions.

Whatever the reason you might be travelling to Oxford town, education, business, travel or pleasure, you would definitely need the whereabouts of good well located hotels, for a comfortable accommodation for a short stay or a long stay, in that case. This article thereby provides you the basic information about sightseeing and activities in Oxford, the city of dreaming spires, and also credible information on where to find the cheap hotels in Oxford, UK.
First, the sightseeing and the activities.
The Oxford city represents the confluence of grandiose and modern, with its magnificent castle-like architectures and the sprawling new hi-tech sector buildings around the town. The city lays at the confluence of the rivers Cherwell and the Thames, or river Isis as many locals address it. There are total 36 university colleges in Oxford, of which the most famous are the Christchurch, Balliol and Trinity. Most of the college buildings are open for sightseeing free of charge, but you might want to check the opening times as they might clash. Among the world famous destinations is the University Church of St Mary the Virgin on High Street, known as the oldest university building in the world.
The museums in Oxford are also worth a visit for the traveler in search of the heritage that shaped England and the Oxford town. Oxford town is home to the world’s oldest public museum, the Ashmolean Museum, which houses artifacts from the Paleolithic to the Victorian age. For more of the Victorian feeling, also pay a visit to the Pitt Rivers Museum on the Parks Road, which houses anthropological collection from the 19th century and retains its original Victorian layout for the sake of holding back the time. Other places worth a visit in Oxford town are the Bodleian Library and the Sheldonian Theater. Finally, the Oxford Botanical garden is the most ancient in Britain, dating back to 1633. An activity of special interest in Oxford is punting, an Edwardian pleasure trip on a small boat called the punt, propelled by a long, wooden oar. 
All these activities and sightseeing in Oxford town requires that you find the best cheap hotels for accommodation. There are in fact plenty of affordable hotels in Oxford, and you should choose a hotel based on your purpose for visit in Oxford. For instance, you can find yourself a cheap hotel adjacent to the Oxford University or you can find one adjacent to the Oxford Botanical Garden, it is entirely your discretion.  Here are the two pennies from this article reporter.
•              The Otmoor lodge on Horton Hill Oxford: A traditional inn with 16 rooms which offers excellent contemporary service. Visit this cheap hotel in Oxford for friendly atmosphere and great food.
•              The Sports View Guest House, Oxford, Oxfordshire: This family run guest house is located just half a mile from the town city center and is only a 10 minute walking distance from many of the historical buildings in Oxford.

•              Marlborough house hostel, Oxford, Oxfordshire: This award winning spacious bread and breakfast lodging in Oxford is a great place to stay, barely 1.5 miles from the city centre. The hotel has free Wi-Fi facility.