St. Moritz in Switzerland has been the ultimate in ski resort vacations for years, and for very good reason since it's got everything under the sun to see and do.

There's a very good reason that Switzerland's St. Moritz (called Sankt Moritz for you German speaking folks) is the ulitmate in ski resorts. This is where the jet set play when the weather's too cold for yachting off the French Riveria coast.

You don't need a trust fund to afford skiing in St. Moritz (it does help, however), and everyone should at least experience the place at least once in their lifetime. How else will you ever get to see the Snow and Symphony that takes place late-March/early April every year?

Please, the ski season in St. Moritz is still going at it; not ending until the end of April. That's a long season, as its winter season kicks off in late November.

Of the 88 ski trails found in the three areas of St. Moritz (Corviglia, Corvatsch and Diavolezza), they're divided by beginner, intermediate, and advanced trails. Believe it or not, 70-percent of the trails are dedicated to the intermediate skier, with just 10 percent for those hoity-toity advanced skiers.

I'm so jealous. And there are ski schools abound if you want to learn some new tricks of the trade.

Forget it, I'll so see the Polo World Cup that's played every year in January. How posh is that to play polo. In the winter. Yeah, this is why St. Moritz is one of the best ski resorts. But, they certainly do make it easy--taking up to 65,000 people an hour up the mountainside via seven cable cars, three funiculars, 18 chairlifts, and one gondola.

I must admit, no one should ever just experience St. Moritz by skis alone. Guided snowshoeing tours are available, ranging from only 90 minutes long to a whopping five hours. That's too long for me, I'm taking the bobsledding, winter hiking, and afternoon tea option.

What I'll also take is the Full Moon Skiing option in Diavolezza. Forget those floodlit night trails, this is all done by the "light of the silvery moon". Sorry to quote a cheesy song, but honestly, the views of the moonlight reflecting off the snow made me speechless.

They didn't moonlight skiing when St. Moritz hosted two Winter Olympic Games (1928 and 1948), but maybe we should ask the Olympic Committee to make it an official sport? The city itself is petioning for the 2017 Alpine World Ski Championships. I'll keep you posted of the progress.

Now I'm on to something else now--cross country skiing and horse carriage rides. And all this has made me very tired--good thing there are 44 hotels in St. Moritz to choose from; five of which are of the ultra wonderful 5-star variety.

Eating is even better than the skiing with loads of restaurants for all sorts of palattes with Swiss, German, and Italian influences. The one with the best view is Piz Nair, sitting at a staggering 3057 meters above sea level. This is all in addition to the dozens of nightclubs and bars that call St. Moritz home.

I'd certainly like to call St. Moritz home--and I think you would too. Even if we can't, the best we can do is to at least visit--even if only once in our lifetime.



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