Learn all about Turkey before you go there. Here are one of the most helpful tips for Turkey trips

If it’s your first time to visit a country, it definitely pays to do your research and learn a bit about what the local culture is. Even something that’s as simple as your table manners which may be considered perfectly fine in your home country may be considered rude in another, or vice versa. This is precisely the reason why you should do your homework and know the basic makeup of the country that you’re travelling to. What Every Traveller Needs to Know about Turkey Let’s take the country of Turkey as an example. If you are planning a Turkey trip, know that it is located in the South Eastern region of Europe. However, its close proximity to Asia also makes Turkey a uniquely Eurasian country which is a mixture of two influences. The landscape consists of magnificent minarets, beautiful domed roofs and underground cities. A pleasant mixture of the East and the West, a Turkey trip is definitely something that you’re not bound to forget anytime soon. If you are right in the middle of planning a Turkey trip, here are a few quick facts about the country that you should know: • Turkey is a country with a variety of religions. A lot of people have the misconception that Turkey is a purely Islamic country. As mentioned earlier, its close proximity to Asia has certain influences in the local culture. This means that the religious background of the people in Turkey range from Islam to Christianity, and even Sufism. If you would like to know more about the country’s history through its religious influences, make sure to pay the popular mosques in the city of Suleymaniye a visit. There’s also the Kariye Museum and the Hagia Sophia Museum which will give you a deeper look into the variety of religious backgrounds that Turkey has. • There’s so much to know about the history of Turkey. Even the simple task of taking a walk through the streets of Turkey would give you a glimpse of its history. In the Kusadasi City, for example, there are ruins of grand Roman cities excavated from the past. There’s also the Pammukkale, Camlica Hill, Beylerbeyi Place and Epheus which are popular historical tourist spots here. • There’s more to Turkish cuisine than just kebabs. The minute that you mention Turkish cuisine, kebabs are the first thing that comes to mind but there’s definitely more to it than that. Some of the must-try restaurants here are Tria Elegance, Imbat, Matbah, AlburaKathisma and Erzincan. • When planning a trip to Turkey, you should know how to book proper accommodations. Lastly, your Turkey trip should not proceed without you booking proper accommodations first. There are plenty of luxury hotels that you can stay at here. If you would like to take advantage of lower rates, make your travel date flexible so that you would not have to compete with the rest of the tourists flocking to the country during the summer season. You can also stay at luxury apartments, bed and breakfasts or inns. With plenty of places to visit, historical trivia to learn and activities to indulge in, your trip to Turkey should be truly memorable. Author: Boris Dzhingarov writes travel tips and trip tips related articles for several blgos online.