Iberostar Daiquiri Poolside
Iberostar Daiquiri Poolside

A very good all-inclusive family-friendly resort on the normally uninhabited Cayos of Cuba kings garden.

Cayo Guillermo is a cayo (key) which is a part of the garden of the kings where the staff has to get bussed in from the closest town of Morón. That is to underline the important fact that there are no residential areas on the keys for regular people. That means a water quality that is probably hard to get better than in most parts of the Caribbean. Keys are unique areas that are defined as having no rivers and are sand and swampland. There are extremely good beaches local to your resort and that for example Pilar Beach. You probably won't find crocodiles outside of the farm but you will see flamingoes even despite Hurricane Irma. The fishlife might have taken a battering too but snorkeling close to the resort is good. The Melia pier next door is the best, with puffer fish lionfish, and schools of barracuda, Cubera Snappers Mares, and Bone Fish cruising the shallows for crabs. It's popular for fishermen and families will be talking about the safety of the children around the resort and on the beach. Gentle shores and slopes on the beach with no currents normally allow you to concentrate on their suncream and watch them swim. Of course, non-swimmers should be supervised it should go without saying. The staff at this resort are very hard-working and polite.

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There are bookable feature restaurants such as the Italian and Mexican though the buffet has seen as good food as you get in Cuba. I sometimes feel that this is Fidel Castro guilting the nation that gourmet food is the devil, I am a big fan of Fidel though God Rest in Peace. There are surprises in Cuba cuisine but you should not come here if that is one of the most important things for your holiday. That is not to say you will not enjoy freshly caught seafood pasta, pizza, and meats, well they do some things very well like a roast pig.

The reception area serves a wonderful Spanish coffee for those who know to order that (try!) otherwise in the evening the same area offers an evening bar and musical feast in the al fresco. You can head to the show where a treat awaits you dancers of the highest caliber who sometimes have ballet skills it seems to wow you with their moves and colorful costumes. You won't get bored by a long way. 7 days feel a little short for the 10-hour flight.

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