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Scotland – the jewel in the crown of the British Isles

Scotland – the jewel in the crown of the British Isles

Mist covered glens, snow capped peaks and rivers where the salmon fishing is the best in the world. These are just three reasons to proclaim Scotland as the jewel in the crown of the British Isles. Some might say it is St Andrews, the ‘home of golf’ which is the jewel in the crown of Scotland. Others might point out the rich legacy of history, the well preserved Georgian architecture of Edinburgh or the rugged, unspoilt coastline. Whatever the reason, a holiday in Scotland is best experienced from a self catering country cottage in the Kingdom of Fife.

Scotland the brave

Wherever you look in Scotland you will see signs of its turbulent history. According to the Visit Scotland website there are hundreds of historic sites open to the public. These sites span over 5,000 years of history north of the border. A Scotland vacation wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Bannockburn. Site of the First War of Independence against the ‘Auld Enemy’ it is a must see for history buffs and lovers of Scotland the brave.

Historic Stirling castle stands as a monument to the renaissance Kings and Queens. It is a symbol of Scottish pride and a symbol of the independence of the nation. It was the favoured residence of successive kings and queens of Scotland long before the union of England and Scotland. There are many more sites to see and places to visit. A short stay in the old kingdom will give you a taste of its long history and the foundations of Scottish pride and passion.

Scotland the beautiful

On the other hand if you prefer the wild beauty of this ancient kingdom, you'll not be left wanting. Soaring crags and steep valleys are a sight to behold. Ancient streams and rivers which have carved out the valleys through the millennia still exert their influence over the landscape. You could be in town one minute and yet, just a short drive away, the wild landscape of Scotland beckons far from the maddening crowd.

Long sweeping beaches on the east coast beckon modern day adventurers. Nowadays though, rather than wielding a sword they're much more likely to be windsurfing, kite-surfing or paragliding. Take a trip down the Firth of Forth and you'll see two structures which epitomize the rise of the industrial revolution and the effect it has had on the modern world. The Forth road bridge and the enigmatic rail bridge are giants of construction, and well worth a visit.

Scotland cannot be explored in a day; not even a lifetime. It is a beautiful country of extremes. Quiet hamlets and bustling cities, wide open spaces and soaring peaks compete with sweeping beaches and magnificent architecture to grab the visitor’s attention.

The best way to see Scotland and explore its hinterland is by way of a self catering cottage you can use as a base for exploration. Your first visit or your next visit if you are a regular will not be your last.

Scotland has a way of drawing you in and melting your heart. Once you have visited and experienced it for yourself, you’ll understand why one visit is never enough.

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