Ibiza located in the Baleric Islands is a popular tourist destination in Spain. It is popular mostly with the younger crowd of tourists coming from different countries mostly in Europe.

Ibiza Island offers different tourist spots and destinations for the attraction of tourists and is the largest island of Baleric island set of 3, which is nearly ninety kilometers away from the coast of Valencia located in Spain. Largest cities in Ibiza Island are Sant Antoni de Portmany, Santa Eularia des Riu and Ibiza Town. The highest point in Ibiza Island is known as Sa Talaia which is more then one thousand and five hundred feet above the sea level.

Ibiza Map

Ibiza Island is well renowned for its extraordinary summer night life, old but well preserved Spanish towns, sandy beaches, towering cliffs and full of life summer carnivals. It offers a unique experience to the tourists to explore different dimensions of the Spanish life style in Ibiza Island. Ibiza is a home to one of the finest preserved towns in Europe. Apart from different holiday packages which local Ibiza tourism sectors offers, they also focus on family recreational and tourism activities. More then eighty attractive beaches edge the island and there are many beaches which can be accessed by a boat only. This gives an advantage to the beaches, of being exploited to a minor degree and also offers striking views of the neighboring islands.

Es Palmador a neighboring island can be accessed with the help of boat. There you can enjoy different activities, on boat also, such as snorkeling, on board BBQ and diving also and once you reach the island you can have natural mud baths and enjoy their benefits. During the month of August, in different parts of Ibiza there are striking firework events, which are worth watching. As we know that Ibiza is more famous for its club parties which are held in summer and continue late night, these parties have certainly attracted a large number of young tourists. This trend is being changes and healthy and a more enjoyable tourism scenario is being developed by the Tourist Office of Spain. So we can say that the island offers a lot to the tourists and the tourism authority is making changes and improving the quality of tourism packages and deals, which even families can enjoy.

Ibiza town is quite popular for its late night hardcore parties, which are full of life and offer a lot more than that. During the summer season most of popular DJs and producers reach the island and perform at different famous clubs. Music and performances which they offer are enthralling and well practiced, which can open a new world of rock party for the participants. The party season begins in June and continues till October, due to Ibiza’s party nature it offers a great level of tolerance towards the young tourists, who can be difficult to handle.

There are several spots for cherishing the sunset in Ibiza, along with some music, fantastic food and exotic drinks. Apart from this scenario, there is a popular monument which has been erected in the memory of Christopher Columbus called “The Egg”.

Ibiza (Eivissa) Hotels and Guide

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