The historical city of Malaga in the Andalusian region of Spain has over the years grown to be a major destination for tourists.  Blessed with a warm climate and beautiful beaches you can enjoy a relaxing family holiday in one of the many hotels along the shoreline.  With sweeping views over the Mediterranean Ocean you can enjoy the fresh ocean air whilst eating fresh seafood.

Malaga in fact offers tourists much more besides nice weather and beaches.  In recent surveys, Malaga’s history was the number one reason for tourists visiting Malaga followed by the cultural and culinary experience offered to tourists.  The large number of restaurants and hotels in Malaga reflects this.  However In order to get a range of great experiences from your holiday in Malaga, you may wish to try some of the excursions which are on offer. The trips will enable you to travel further afield and explore the different sights and areas outside of your holiday resort. Alongside the excitement of these visits, the unique excursions will provide you and your fellow holidaymakers with lasting memories of your holiday in Malaga.

Marbella, Puerto Banus, Mijas

A popular tour is to Marbella which gives you the opportunity to visit an area considered to be the jewel of the Costa del Sol. Whilst the rich and expensive areas of the resort may be well known to tourists, the old town of Marbella is an unexpected treat as it is packed with traditional Spanish boutiques and restaurants.  This traditional atmosphere is continued through the area’s cobbled alleyways and whitewashed houses. 4 miles from this you can also enjoy the more affluent area which draws in many tourists due to its marina contained millionaire’s yachts and casinos. On this excursion you will also likely visit Puerto Banus; here you can enjoy the seafood restaurants on the front.  If you then travel across the sea to the village of Mijas you can take pleasure in the great views across Marbella due to the community being several hundred feet above sea level.  You can then stroll through the tightly-packed village and observe the Bullfighting ring or enjoy a cold drink in one of the traditional tavernas.

Ardales Village, El Chorro Gorge, Antequera

This tour enables you to visit many of the unspoilt areas around Andalusia. This includes such places as the villages of Ardales where you can enjoy sitting outsides cafes and taking in the scenery with the locals. You can then also visit El Chorro where you may wish to gaze into the deep and void gorge. If you are somewhat of a daredevil, you may also want to walk through the several underground railway tunnels in order to get some more spectacular views.  After this, the market town of Antequera offers some light relief as you can shop as well as sightsee around the churches and architectural wonders of the bullfighting ring, the Plaza de Toros.

Alhambra Palace, Granada

Despite the lack of variety within this excursion, it is an extremely popular trip with tourists due to the memorable and breathtaking architecture of the Palace. The Palace’s interior is one of the most exquisite examples of Moorish art left at this date; it was built during the Moorish Kingdom within Spain and highlights the high arts and cultures of the time. Alongside a tour of the Palace, which offers you insight into its history, you can also explore the gardens which have been professionally designed and filled with foliage and exotic flowers.

Though the historical city has a great number of sightseeing hotspots and plenty of beaches for relaxation, there are many reasons why excursions from Malaga should be considered.  The different areas and cities surrounding Malaga each present a new experience.  You can choose a destination suitable for your preferences and travel to quieter traditional areas if you desire or to some of the most popular destinations in Spain.

These excursions above are just a handful of things you can do and see whilst visiting Malaga, to get the most out of your holiday many people choose car hire in Malaga to travel around since buses and private tours are not always convenient.  With car hire you will be able to truly get the most out of your holiday in Malaga.

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