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Sometimes, staying put is the best way to relax and unwind. Here, we show you how to have a ‘staycation’ in the beautiful Harbour City.

Travel is a lot of fun. Exploring new places, armed only with your travel insurance and a guidebook can provide some of the most amazing and enlightening experiences of your life. As great as traveling to another city is, staying put and exploring your own city can also prove to be a rewarding and relaxing experience, especially if the city you live in happens to be Sydney. 

Commonly thought of as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Sydney draws tourists from every corner of the globe with its stunning natural harbour, magnificent beaches and global city center. It truly has something for everyone, but chances are that if you live here, you’ve never really done the ‘tourist’ thing and properly explored your hometown. Here, we’ve put together a guide to having a ‘staycation’ for your next holiday, and exploring all the magic that Sydney has to offer.


When you’re on holidays you tend to treat yourself to the finer things. You go out for meals, order fancy cocktails and generally live it up a little. A staycation in Sydney provides the perfect opportunity to do this in one of the best foodie cities in the world, and because you’re not forking out for flights or accommodation, you can spend more money on dining out in style. Take in that degustation at Tetsuya’s you’ve always wanted to try, sample the famous snow egg at Quay or settle in for a night of cocktails at the Opera Bar. The whole point of a staycation is to enjoy your city in a way you wouldn’t normally be able to, and indulging your taste buds at Sydney’s best restaurants is certainly one way to do this.


If your weeks in Sydney mostly consist of commuting from your house to your job during the week, and then your house to the bar on weekends, chances are you haven’t really taken the time to explore the amazing natural beauty of the city and its surrounds. Take a day trip out to the Blue Mountains, or closer to home, check out a few of Sydney’s National Parks or the Botanic Gardens. You can even take the opportunity to partake in some typically ‘tourist’ pursuits, such as kayaking on the harbour, paddle boarding at Camp Cove or taking a scuba course in Manly.


We’re betting that if you live in Sydney, you’ve never climbed the bridge. What about a Sydney Harbour Cruise? Didn’t think so. Most Sydney siders have never had either the chance or inclination to check out the city’s many tourist attractions, but the fact is that Sydney is a city full of treasures just waiting to be uncovered, and it doesn’t matter if you’ve lived here for 50 years or just a day, you will definitely be impressed by what it has to offer.

Not only does a staycation allow you to save money, it provides a much more stress-free holiday. Doing all the things that you never feel you have time to do in your own city makes you much more appreciative of your life, and all the wonderful adventures it offers.