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Melbourne is easily the most artistic city in Australia, and what it lacks in pristine beaches compared to Sydney, it more than makes up for in terms of culture. Widely regarded as the fashion and arts capital of the country, Melbourne will reel you in with its passion, class and creativity, and you can’t help but be inspired in a city where expression is everywhere.

A day tour of the city is the best way to familiarize yourself with Melbourne’s layout and attractions, and because of its handy grid system, navigation is a lot simpler than in its northern cousin, Sydney. Here, we’ve collected some of Melbourne’s highlights to ensure you don’t miss out on anything while you are there!

Federation Square

A meeting place for the entire city and a stunning piece of design in its own right, Federation Square is often the site of concerts, gatherings and other city events. Lined with wine bars and restaurants, it is the perfect place to meet up with friends or simply watch the locals as they move through their gorgeous city.

Chapel Street

For those who love shopping, Chapel Street might see you stretch your credit cards to the max. Lined with boutiques, thrift stores and cutting-edge designer labels, Chapel Street is a Mecca for the fashion and design-conscious.

Lygon Street

Here is where your taste buds will be rewarded for all that walking around—Lygon Street was originally the site of a lot of Italian immigrant settlement, and as such it is the place in Melbourne to go for quality Italian fare. Lined with some of the best restaurants in the city, your nose will lead you hear without our advice, but once you’re there, be sure to indulge!


The Melbourne Cricket Ground is the main sports arena in the city and it is where much of the city’s favourite sport—AFL—is played out. Melbourne is a city of football-crazy locals, so do yourself a favour and take in a match while you’re visiting, if only to see the passion of the crowds.


Formerly a bohemian stronghold, Brunswick has become increasingly gentrified over the years, although the edgy, funky vibe remains. With a plethora of grungy, cool bars and clubs, as well as live music everywhere you look, Brunswick is guaranteed to be a good night out and a nice alternative to the gaudy, cologne-soaked crowds you may encounter in the middle of the city on a Friday or Saturday night.

Melbourne never fails to impress, and its layout, friendly locals and thriving café culture mean that making your way around to see everything it has to offer is a delight.