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We’d all love the luxury of indefinite holidays, weeks that drip into months of time off with not a care in the world.

Oh, and of course, all the money we could need as well! Sadly, for most normal people this isn't the reality, so we're used to having to fit our travel plans into much smaller time frames. Sometimes, whether it be because of former commitments or a stopover you want to make the most of, you can have as little as a day to explore a new city which means you need to hit the day tour running and make the most of your new experience. Hey, it's better than hitting the mini-bar by yourself in the hotel, right? Here's a guide for those on a time-budget: Sydney in 24 hours!!

0800 hours: Breakfast in Bondi

OK, of all the spots to have breakfast in this beautiful city, Bondi is one of the best. As the sun rises over Bondi Beach and the early-morning exercisers are out in full force, you'll be swept up in the sheer beauty and magic of this place—plus, there are several beachfront cafes that do a great latte.

0900 hours: Eastern Suburbs Tour

There are several great day tours you can take around Sydney, and the Eastern Suburbs hop on/hop off tour takes you around the winding Eastern coastline of Sydney to show you some of the most spectacular scenery and quaint beachside suburbs you're ever likely to see this close in to a major global city.

1130 hours: Morning Tea at Elizabeth Bay

Hop off the Eastern suburbs tour at Potts Point or Elizabeth Bay and wander around the New York-style streets with their leafy trees and cute boutiques. After you've topped up that tourist's energy with a muffin or cake, walk down William St into the city.

1230 hours: Australian Museum

Just as William Street gives way to the city, you'll see the Australian Museum, an historic building containing many of the keys to our country's past. Check it out.

1330 hours: Lunch in Chinatown

In the heart of the CBD is Chinatown, a thriving hub of local Asian culture. Head through its impressive dragon gates and find yourself a delicious meal—lined with restaurants and staff spruiking their meals, you won't be short on options!

1500 hours: Darling Harbour

It's an easy walk from Chinatown to Darling Harbour, a tourist's haven of things to see and explore. There's the Maritime Museum, the National Aquarium, loads of restaurants and bars, an Imax Theatre and much, much more. We'll let you stop here for a while, because there's so much you'll want to explore!

1900 hours: Dinner at The Rocks

Nearby and at the base of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the historic suburb of The Rocks awaits. Take in the old cobbled streets and have yourself a meal with the harbour lights in the background.

2100 hours: Party in Kings Cross

You may be tired, but you're not done yet, and Kings Cross has enough excitement to pump you back up! Catch a cab east of the city to Kings Cross, where debauchery reigns supreme and nightclubs and bars litter the streets. Stay standing as long as you can, and toast the day you've had!