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Byron Bay is a top place to be if you want to relax and enjoy some scenic beauty whilst on the east coast of Australia.

Things To Do In Byron Bay

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You have the option of getting to Byron Bay by plane, car hire, bus, and train. Car hire would take you around 9 hours from Sydney, 2 hours from Brisbane, and about 1 hour from the Gold Coast.

Byron Bay Location

On the backpacking trail north from Sydney on the way up to the famous Gold Coast

Things to do in Byron Bay

There are many things that you can do in Byron Bay and the following points list a few of them: 

• Byron Light House – Visiting the lighthouse is recommended to all the people who are visiting Byron Bay. Just start walking along the walking track from the town to the light house. The walk in itself is amazing and after you reach the top, there is a café where you can take a breather and relax with some snacks.

• Surfing – There are many beaches around, and if you are not surfing when you visit Byron, then you would be missing out on a lot. 

Tallow’s Beach is on the south of Byron and is full of breaks that dot its length. It is not that known but its huge waves swell into the air, which makes it perfect for a day of surfing for advanced surfers. You can only see it from the top of Byron headland, which is why most tourists miss it.

Wategos Beach lies on the north of the Byron Point and is not that noticeable either. As compared to other breaks, the waves do not have that much push, which explains the long-boarding crowd at this beach. The surf here is smaller as compared to the Pass. When the winds are right, the place is full of beginner surfers, which could be risky for wayward boards. 

Byron Main is the most well-known beach of Byron and close to the shore, you’ll find many small waves breaking. The Pass lies at the south of Byron Main and is the most crowded place during the summers. It is also the perfect place to surf. 

• Marine Fun Activities – You can go for Whale Watching in Byron Bay during September and October for most fun. There is also a lot of scuba diving you can experience in Julian Rocks. This place is also apt for snorkeling as the depth around it is around 5 to 25 meters. For more information about snorkeling and diving trips to Julian Rocks, you can always contact Byron Bay Dive Centre. 

• Swimming and Sunbathing on the Beach – If you are going with kids, choose Clarkes Beach, which is situated at the east of the main beach. It is sheltered, making it perfect for summer. However, during the winters it can get a bit chilly. For swimming, the main beach is perfect because it is patrolled all through summer, which is safe for you and your family. Byron also allows topless sunbathing, and it is pretty common. Belongil is a beach that has optional clothing. 

• Cycling – You can hire bicycles from Byron Bay Cycleway and enjoy the beauty of the Bay along the beach in Byron by cycling. Most of it is a scenic beauty, and consider taking an early day when the heat is not much and the sun is down when you can enjoy your cycling trip the most. 

• Music Festivals – If you are in Byron Bay during the Easter, you can enjoy the East Coast Blues & Roots Music Festival. In July, they have the Splendour in the Grass Music Festival. The place is full of laid-back music and is perfect to enjoy and take the stress out of your system. 

• Shopping – For shopping, you can visit The Retro Shop, which has a lot of cute stuff. There are craft markets on Sundays, which have a great variety and you can buy all the souvenirs for your friends back home from these markets. There is so much to see, and you will definitely end up making your luggage heavier if you stay at the craft markets for too long.

If you want to surf some artistic stuff then Art Park is a must visit. Not only do they have interesting clothes but they also hold wonderful art exhibitions of some of the coolest artists. The Arts and Industry Park is if you want to buy some delicate bohemian labels, glass blowers, and silver smiths. There are vintage stores, soap makers, and candle makers as well, which you should definitely check out. 

Eat the local cuisine and talk to people because the local crowd is wonderful and would guide you about the best things to do while you are in Byron Bay.