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Nadi Highlands Fiji
Nadi Highlands Fiji

Summary: Some suggestions of hostels or hotels, to stay in Fiji

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Hostels in Nadi, Fiji

Whether or not you can afford a South Pacific cruise, staying in a hotel in Fiji might seem expensive, even during the off-season. But don’t worry, there are ways to save on accommodation in Fiji. How about staying in a hostel instead of a hotel? Hostels can be great ways to save, are generally safe and are usually amazing places to meet like-minded people who love traveling and adventures.
Nadi Fiji
If you’re going to Fiji, then you’ll probably land in Nadi, which is the most important tourist hub in the islands. Nadi is the third bigest city in Fiji, and is the main tourist town. The capital, Suva, is less attractive to tourists, but still attracts a few. In any case, if you are visiting for the first time, you will find Nadi to be the most convenient landing place.

There are over twenty hostels to choose from in Nadi. They charge between 10 and 25$ per bed per night, which is really cheap considering the price of hotel rooms in Fiji. Most of them offer security lockers or safes for your valuable objects and documents.

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One of the most popular hostels is the Smuggler’s Cove Beach Resort Hostel, with beds starting at 16$. If you don’t mind living in a dormitory setting, then this is the perfect hostel. Directly on a 2-mile long beach and featuring a restaurant and a bar, a bed at the Smuggler’s Cove also includes breakfast and 24-hour security. You even have access to Wifi and hotel computers, should you have left yours at home.

In the case that this hostel is full (and this happens often, so make reservations early), you can always stay at the Nadi Downtown Hostel. Located in the centre of Nadi, it is perfect for those who enjoy a more urban lifestyle. It is near bus stops, and has a convenient airport shuttle. This hostel is the perfect overnight stay when you’re on your way to other islands. Internet is not always available, but there are numerous cafes with wifi around the hostel. It has a restaurant, 24-hour security, and many other perks.

For those who enjoy more remote locations, the Seashell @ Momi is perfect. Away from civilization, you can enjoy the beauty of Fijian nature, a diving school right on the resort, and private beaches. The food is excellent and cheap, and they have security lockers. This place is perfect for those with low expectations who don’t need a lot of fuss. It is basic, but cheap and perfect for a relaxing time with friends or your significant other.

As you can see, there are many possibilities for staying in the Nadi region for very little money. If your Pacific cruise took a big chunk out of your wallet, then staying in a hostel during a short or long stop in Fiji can help you enjoy the beauty of these islands without spending too much. The hostels are generally clean and safe, but make sure you read reviews before making any reservations.

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