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Would you believe its nearly 6 weeks in NZ, and its time to move on to Australia.. So what have I been up to for the past 6 weeks?

Spent the first few days dosing in and around Auckland, visiting some of the suburbs around Auckland.. and of course figuring out what to do with my time in NZ. I decided to join Kiwi Experience for the South Island, and to do North Island by car (Bustermobile in the pics I sent out) with some dudes I met in Rio. Left Auckland and headed up to the Northlands area ?bay of islands, cape reinga etc. but the weather wasn’t on our side and so instead of taking a boat trip to the islands like we wanted to, we ended up loafing around Pahia. Carried on driving up north to the most northern point in NZ and picked up a Spanish hitchhiker along the way back down. Spent a couple of days driving back to Auckland via the west coast of the northern tip and stopping at random places as and when we felt like it.

Got back to Auckland and the two dudes from Rio decided to hang around Auckland a while for the weather to improve, so I decided to carry on my trip and head for the South Island to do the kiwi exp trip and then head back North to catch up with them lot and back on Bustermobile. After watching Auckland v Waikato at Eden Park, caught the Intercity bus from Auckland to Wellington. Quite amusing, people were shocked that I took a 11 hour coach journey, that’s nothing compared to some of the journey’s I did before, a walk in the park. Met my Kiwi Exp group in Wellington, and joined them on the ferry across to Picton, probably one of the best ferry crossings you’ll ever do.. through Marlborough Sounds.. awesome. Cruised down the west coast of via the glaciers etc ?I didn’t bother doing the walks, as I did one in South America! Stayed at some pretty unusual places along the way, most notably The Poo Pub, run by and old All Black ?a crazy dude.. Got the Adventure Capital of the world in Queenstown, and probably the most expensive town in NZ too! I did a quick loop of the very southern part of the South Island (with kiwi exp again).. stopped at Dunedin (Gaelic for Edinburgh), home of Speight’s Brewery, so had to a tour. They claim it’s a working brewery, but I have my doubts ?looked to clean and tidy! Went around to Milford Sounds and Doubtful Sounds via The Catlins area, which is where you can see the worlds smallest dolphin (hector).. but of course, not when I was there! A few crazy nights back in Queenstown, before heading to Christchurch. On my last day in Queenstown, did a Canyon Swing, basically like a semi bungee, and a crazy swing. Did two jumps, one backwards and one where you hang upside down, and they release you when they see fit (and fear in me). Took the Kiwi up the east coast (of the south island), was suppose to go whale watching, but got cancelled for lack of whales ( a good enough reason). Crossed back to North and finished the main part of my kiwi exp trip in Taupo where I stared a freebie trip they gave me ?which was basically around the East Cape of the North Island. This was a smaller trip, less people and we stayed at some unusual places along the way?a Maori farm, where I had a go at bone carving, and one of the highlights for me.. possum shooting! The night after the farm stay, we stayed with a Maori family, and they cooked dinner for us etc, and we just lounged around in the Spa watching the sunset (while it rained).. Ended the trip in Rotarua, which is known for the natural thermals, geysers and the awful eggy smell in the area (sulphur apparently). I then met up with only one of the guys I traveled with earlier, but some Canadian dude from the last kiwi exp trip joined us in the road trip! While in Rotarua, went to a Maori show, which was really good. On the way to the Maori Village, they select a chief from each coach to go and greet the Maori’s when the came to you with a peace offering.. the only reason I offered to be the chief was that you get a free gift for you efforts (which was none). Did a couple of activities while in Rotarua too. Firstly Zorbing, which is basically rolling down a hill in a big inflatable ball.. very amusing! I did two wet runs, basically the ball has a foot or so of hot water in, and you can go down individually, two’s or three’s. Lastly was The Luge, basically like go-karts but not engine powered. Very amusing, 3 adults on the tracks, we were like little kids.. we had a few incidents along the way, a 5 luge pile-up, spinning of the tracks. Hair raising duels with each other.. lots of fun! I’ve spent the past week driving around The Coromandel, stunning coastlines, awesome views. Was good fun to do it by car, as we would literally have no idea what the days plan was.. we would just drive in the direction we need to head and then play it by ear.. very amusing. Back in Auckland for a few nights before Sydney.. got a very big night out tonight (Friday 14th) and tomorrow going to watch another rugby game.. and if I wake up the Museum!

Well that was NZ in 6 weeks, not sure who well it reads..