Stesha Pasachnik an expert studying the black Iguana in Honduras comments 'When I contacted this company to discuss this photo I received a general email stating that they were sorry that I was not pleased with this book.' This is a very disappointing attitude to take from a global brand not addressing the point at all almost insulting with that kind of reply.

So what's this tropical storm about ? The cover of their new Honduras guide book. Well says Stesha '
Look closely and you will see that this green iguana is tied up by its tendons, and ready to be sold.' 'This is an Illegal activity in Honduras'

I could imagine the outrage if their cover showed a Russian circus bear on its cover with a leg chain on a particularly nasty human creation.

Did the editor miss it ? It must have been impossible that the photographer did and the artist who would edit the photo before the cover went into print must surely have seen the devilish detail.
Will they change it ? - presumably not as they will have done their print run. Perhaps they will if they do a reprint.


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