Mykonos is one island among the many Greek islands, and is a tourist attraction for its unique essence. The island derives her name from Mykonos, a Greek deity and son of Apollo.

Mykonos is a great travel destination for the backpacker looking for the spirit of nightlife sea and sun. Mykonos bars and nightclubs are favorite haunts of many world famous DJs. However it isn't all about the dance! The essence or hue is a mixture of white granite and the Grecian blue. It is if you like a typical looking postcard ready Greek destination. Besides, the nightlife many more attractions exist.

The windmills of Mykonos are famed all over the island as they stand on hills overlooking the turqoise seas you will want to soak in. The windmills are the first thing that anybody notices on entering this island of Greece. There are altogether 16 windmills in Mykonos and they are all of a similar architecture. The white venetian windmills were built in the 16th century and they are round in shape with a pointed roof. One of the windmills has been transformed into a local museum. Besides the windmill museum, other museums in Mykonos are the archaeological museum and the Aegean maritime museum. The archaeological museum displays marble statues and other artifacts from the islands of Delos, Renia and Mykonos. The maritime museum displays nautical artifacts and ship models from the pre minoan period.

Mykonos Map

A statue of ‘Petros’ the Pelican is the most well known landmark of Mykonos and it is placed beside the town’s central waterfront. Little Venice is a locality in Mykonos, where the buildings are constructed right by the edge of the Aegean sea, with the balconies hanging above the water. The paraportiani is also a famous landmark structure of Mykonos.

Mykonos, although being a major nightlife center of Greece, yet is still a simple fishing village at its heart. It is also often called the jewel of the Aegean sea.

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