medieval city walls rhodes
medieval city walls rhodes

About the island of Rhodes in Greece

Rhodes is the largest island in the Dodecanese chain, and visitors never forget how special it makes them feel, Rhodes is one of those kinds of destinations that make you want to come back time and time again.

Rhodes lives of off tourism, and the infrastructure of the island lends itself well to visitors from many different walks of life, they all are looking for the magical feeling arising from sights and sounds.

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Over 130,000 people are fortunate enough to call Rhodes their home, and approximately 80,000 of those people reside in Rhodes City (10.000 inside the old Town) which is the capital of the island.

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Rhodes lies just 11 miles off the southwest Turkish shoreline and its strategic point between cultures and countries has ensured a history both tumultuous and marvelous. Detailing the history of Rhodes would be a serious undertaking.
Inhabitants on the island of Rhodes can be traced as far back as the Neolithic period.

Rhodes Island is reputed for its number of sunny days. According to some, the sun shines at some point every day of the year. 
Explore the island's wealth of byzantine churches and other historical sites, and if you have time you can save a couple days for a relaxing beach vacation Rhodes getaway.

Around Rhodes City and other Rhodes destinations like Lindos, you'll find plenty of restaurants and cafes, as well as bars 
and excellent throw your cares away nightlife.If hopping the Greek islands is your agenda, you will find Greek ferries operating from Rhodes that can transport you to other desirable destinations such as Crete, Kos, Mykonos, Santorini, Symi, Halki, Tilos and Kastelorizio.


Photo by Chris K from Pexels

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