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Most people when thinking of Belgium might think of chocolate, or the Manneken Pis. For some it might be places that talk of WWI or WWII history. For others, it might be little towns that date back to their medieval glory days.

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Whatever your reasoning for coming to Belgium, be sure to know that you'll find all this--and plenty more to go along with it.

Belgium is kind of small, just 30,000 square kilometers divided into three regions. Wallonia, is the French speaking region, filled with all sorts of fantastic castles--more per capita than just about anywhere in the area.

Flanders, where Dutch is the language of choice, is where you'll find Flanders Fields, a World War I Battlefield.

Up here in the northern part of the country is Bruges, with its UNESCO Old Town and little canals. No wonder it's called the Venice of the North. Ghent is another medieval wonder, full of cobblestone streets alongside totally modern buildings.

Antwerp is the diamond center, and a great place to buy yourself some. For anyone who'd rather be pampered, check out the spas in Spa.

Shopping can be therapeutic too, so get some wonderful lace made in Bruges, or Belgian chocolate to bring home.

You can't live by chocolate alone, so try a few of the 400 different beers made here--even by Trappist Monks. One of the most famous of Belgian beers is Stella Artois.

A beer goes great with just about anything--but exceptionally so with Ardennes sausages. Most Belgian cuisine is influenced by French cooking, except that French Fries are believed to have originate here; and eaten with mayonaise (a personal favorite).

Getting around in Belgium is quite easy (easier than deciding what to put on your fries), as there is an excellent network of roads, its rail system is fantastic, and its public transportation is safe and efficient. A cruise along Belgium's canals are a charming way to see the place.

Maybe now if someone asks about Belgium, more things will come to mind.

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