Kolimbia Area Island of Rhodes

There are some moderate to steep inclines, beachside tracks that are asphalt olive mangroves, attractive bays  and headlands to explore in and around the area of Kolimbia where you may find your resort hotel located. Mark Warner’s Levante resort offers many sports including a morning jog. The distance is easy at a maximum of 4 miles and normally around 3 the pace as you need we averaged 9.5-minute miles and you will get a variation of the above through the week.

Freedom to explore

For me one of the joys of running is exploration here is no shortage of picture postcard vistas so one time take a small compact camera. A week is not enough to visit all this area. If you have a great run in Greece please contact us and we can list it for you.

Of course you are free to go whenever you like on your own. I will upload a few tracks that you can follow but the layout is such that you stand little risk of getting lost or isolated. Still take water until you now the route. Depending on the time of year you might need to choose the time of day carefully all over Greece for running themed day can be very hot.

Suggested route for mark warner resort to Kolimbia Headland

Turn left out of Levante resort and follow up the road towards the central crossroads in Kolimbia – branch off the first main road to get to the beach and you will find a dead end, so back up or save this for another day. Arrive at the center of Kolimbia and take the first main crossroads as your 90 left towards the beach. Run all the way down and then around and down to the beach and bay of Kolimbia. You can head back up and take the incline up into the headland separating Kolimbia bay with the other more picturesque one.  The headland is a great place to get some pics and explore some of the fingers a bit. Make sure you go far enough to view the second bay. If you are fit enough continue into this bay and try climbing up the left side for a best view but beware its possible to landslide – make your own risk assessment. Over the far side are amazing spots to view the next ‘bay’ though you need to go crag hopping to see through there.
Make sure that you return as you arrived via kolimbia center or you can double back at the kolimbia beach area into the direction of the resort, but it doesn’t look like you can get back via the beach all the way due to water. This run should be done at a slow pace to enjoy the first time, or better still just get an intro to the headland and keep the run around 3 miles.

Hazards and Annoyances

Just watch the roads when the path isn’t available and get right off the side of the road when vehicles pass in opposition as they drive a fair click here and may not spot you. Also the only other thing to watch for is the water situation and sunburn. In the day you can find places to buy water from like Kolimbia center and here is also a card machine (ATM).

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