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The Biggest And Best Of North America

Whistler Blackcomb is the largest ski resort in North America (Canada), known for heli-skiing and all sorts of other outdoor activities.

If you thought Vail was a huge skiing destination with over a million people a year visiting, that's nothing compared to the two million that show up annually the ski resort of Whistler Blackcomb.

Who comes? Everyone. Whistler Blackcomb is a totally family-friendly, gay-friendly, romantic paradise of snow. Amongst other things.

First and foremost, Whistler Blackcomb is known for its skiing. There are over 8,000 acres of skiing areas with 475 runs abd 16 Alpine Bowls with 37 lifts to take you there. They got it down with great efficiency, taking 65,000 people an hour.

The most fantastic "lift" there is the Peak to Peak Gondola, which goes on for 4.4 kilometers at 436 meters above the valley. You don't even need to ski to enjoy this one since you can ride it just to enjoy the majestic beauty of the surrounding mountains. It's the largest of kind in the world; and quite fitting for the largest ski resort in North America.

What else is there to know about Whistler Blackcomb? Let's see, there are 17 on mountain restaurants. It's highest peak is 7,497 feet (2284 km), and you can go summer skiing on a glacier.

Still not awesome enough for you?

Well, how about Heli-skiing? Oh yeah, this aint no faint of heart skiing. And three runs will set you back more than $800. Got the money? Do it. Got the nerve? Do it. Hell, I don't think there is any advanced skier out there who wouldn't want to give this a shot.

Don't know what it is? Imagine jumping out of a helicopter onto virgin snow. That's pretty much it. Simple, yet incredibly fantastic.

I know, not everyone is a skiing enthusiast. So, my suggestion is to take the Sea to Sky Train. Wrapping around the mountainside, this scenic train is the ultimate in non-skiing activity at Whistler Blackcomb.

Back to the snow though. Ski schools will help you to advance and challenge yourself, and snowmobling is an awful lot of fun. So is ice skating, tobogganing, sleigh riding, snow shoeing, and taking in the Fire & Ice Show. Oh, the Zip-trak is utterly terrific--this ain't a faint of heart activity either, ya know.

Before I forget, when you've come in from a day on the mountain you might want to enjoy a treatment or two at the Scandinave Spa. Of course this is just as good when it isn't winter, as is shopping at the Farmer's Market that runs from June 20th to October 10th.

Some people might prefer to have a hot cup of something on a cold winter night. I'm with the other crowd that prefers a good glass of wine. Do yourself a favor, do one of the wine tastings. Hey, I didn't know Canada had such fine wines. Did you?

I guess we do now.

I also guess that Whistler Blackcomb is the best of the best of North American ski resorts. Excuse me, my wine is calling.