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Las Vegas Strip

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People from all around the world travel to Las Vegas every year to take in the fabulous sights, enjoy world class shopping, sample the varied cuisine, party, gamble, and basically let loose for a while. Sin City, as it has become affectionately known, has everything that the adult heart could desire, from around the clock partying and the chance to win life changing money to the most fabulous hotels you can imagine.

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California is the third largest state on the West Coast of the USA. It is nicknamed the 'Golden State' perhaps in part because of the gold rush but today its obviously wealthy in terms of the cities it houses and the glorious topography.Un-obviously the capital is Sacramento when you might imagine it to be San Francisco or Los Angeles. There are so many places of interest that you could just travel your whole life in California and not get bored apart from the culture you might miss staying in the one country though California is culturaly diverse. Due to a 'clerical error' California belongs to the United States ! It might have belonged to Mexico otherwise. California being so large has various climates but you might imagine that they cover the Mediterranean seasons across the year - Los Angeles has the worst smog and San Francisco is famous for fog, both are acceptable with ac.

I had somehow discovered LA as my first destination in the USA and in fact it was really my first destination outside England ! So it didnt really have to be  anything  other than different  for me to be hooked  on travel for a lifetime. I loved it and it was my first experience of the United States, so different to Miami which I found myself drawn to many years later.

We took a weekend break to new york, neither of us had ever been so how was it ?

I went with Brent a relatively new kiwi friend that I have worked with and knew him enough to feel that it would work out especially seeing as it was short enough that how bad could it be if it did get bad. Yes it was just a few days and via Chicago with American Airlines.