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Solvang CA
Solvang CA
If having the opportunity of enjoying a ride between San Francisco and Los Angeles on the US 1, you will find several beautiful towns to visit. But among them, there is one in particular that is like a little piece of Denmark just in California: Solvang.
This city, part of the Santa Barbara county, has buildings, windmils,  squares and parks following the traditional Danish style and a few hours stop here is totally worth it.
Not only because of the number of cute and interesting shops to explore, the Hans Christian Andersen Museum and Elverhoj Museum of History and Art and the Misión Santa Inés (located near the center of the town, at the junction of the State Route 246 and Alisal Road, very interesting!!!) but because of the fantastic bakeries and restaurants where you can taste the excellent Danish cuisine,in particular the pastries.
It is a good idea also to check the city calendar in advance because there are city festivals and special meetings.
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Photo by Soly Moses: