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One thing everyone can agree on is that Israel is a holy land and Jerusalem is the centre. For Jews it means a very different thing to Muslims and again to Christians. Each have their own claim.

Learn about how the former Palestine was divided up via the Israel war of independence and events of the great wars here.

A Jewish state surrounded by Muslim countries it is heavily defended (e.g. the security fence). With a population close to 9M in 2021 it's not large. The currency is the Shekel.

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Getting around is easy with modern freeways, you can take organised tours or rent your own car. 

Things to see and do in Israel


Jerusalem- a modern city of around 850k people. The old part houses the church of the holy sepulchre for Christian worship, the Dome of the Rock for Muslims and the Western Wall (within Temple Mount) is the most holy place for Judaism.

Western Wall Israel

Western Wall Jerusalem

Christians are able to follow what is believed to be the last steps of Christ as he carried his own cross.
Stop and enjoy a Pomegranite juice drink a symbol of vitality between tourist stops!
The Damascus gate is the entry from old Jerusalem into new Jerusalem. Learn how to denote a persons religion and how religious they are (secular or orthodox) from how they are dressed. Yes Jerusalem is a great place to people watch and you should learn the significance of the attire and styles of hair to really appreciate your travel.
The Hollocaust museum Yad Vashem is a sobering memorial to all those involved and the hall of names tries to put a face to every single victim.

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv- a nod to a more modern Israel with a mediteranian seafront! A great place to cool down and topup the tan. Enjoy the cuisine of Israel here.

Fortress of Masada

Fortress of Masada- On an important location where king Herrod built this place as a last stand against the Romans. With an inevitable loss the rebels took their own lives rather than be slaves to the Romans. The event was a very important one in Judaism. - "Mosadas shall never fall again."

Sea of Gallilee

Sea of Gallilee- a biblical place of yesteryear and today a place for recreation. A sea yet is a big source of fresh water. Fed by the river Jordan where it is said Jesus was baptised and you can be too! Remember the story of Jesus also walking on water, it was here. Many stories in the Bible originated here. It is a popular touritic point for Christians.

The Dead Sea- the lowest place on earth.




Discover an Israeli Kibutz

Food and Drink

Dishes based on Hummus, Falafel and Shawarma are a good place to start. Enjoy a cool beer with your guests and don't forget to say L'chaim (cheers). Interestingly that the cusine is shared like a lot of things between religions in this part of the world.
Beteavon - Bon apetit.



Western Wall by Sander Crombach

Tel Aviv Photo by Yoav Aziz