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Backpacking in Jordan

In the past few years, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of mid-range hotels and guest houses available to tourists all over the world. This has had quite an impact on the kind of accommodations people choose while travelling as these mid range hotels offer some good facilities without being too hard on the pocket. This has caused some travel experts to believe that the popularity of backpacking is on the decline. After all, finding a decent place to sleep is one of the biggest costs during a holiday, sometimes even more so than what people pay to get to a certain destination.

However, regardless of how many mid range hotels spring up all over the globe; backpacking has always found its takers and will continue to do so. There is simply no better way to explore every part of a country or city than with fellow backpackers whose main aim is not the accommodations or facilities that a place can offer, but rather its natural sights and culture.

Backpacking in Jordan