Located in the Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea is Socotra. Located closer to Africa than the Arabian Peninsular it is in fact part of Yemen. You can fly into Hadibu the capital from Sana'a and Aden. Its alien like landscape is very unique and the island is best known for its botanical uniqueness and biodiversity. An example of which is the Blood Dragon Tree pictured named as if the bark is pierced the sap is a curious red colour. The desert rose is another shrub that has a very bulbous base holding water to tide it over the dry season. Its not just the fauna that is amazing Socotra hosts many bird species such as the Egyptian Vulture the orange plumage distinctive.

When to go: Avoid the monsoon season June through September and try to go in the cooler months of January and March. Further Reading:
Visit http://www.socotraisland.org/

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