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Sailing Course from Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a UK enclave that is used mainly for the military and the support thereof. The interesting fact of crossing half way through the runway with my backpack on is very very cool.

As if there is an inbound aeroplane then you get level crossing type gates descend just like a train is coming by. This has the potential to get messy. See in the photos that also military jets have to use the strip too.

If I remember rightly it's what also separates mainland Spain and the Rock they call Gibraltar, so you have to clear customs and immigration. After my sailing course from Gibraltar I took some time and headed to a very cool spot not far away this was called Tariffa. This place is going to be massive one day already big for kite surfing and wind sailing. It has good nightlife and a unique feel about the place.

Gibraltar used to be a part of the African plate I believe and almost got torn off and it would then be a part of todays Morocco just across the straits of Gibraltar. Many sailing schools set up here for some reason. I did a 4 days course I believe and got my competent crew certificate and a great experience of sailing to boot.

There isn't much room in Gibraltar so the accommodation is principally flat style (blocks) there are many England flags and similar which is in fact the Gibraltar flag draped from many of the windows.

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