Boa Vista somehow has escaped mass tourism development in general terms. Which is incredible since the recipe is one of great year round weather apart from the windy season when the sand becomes painful on the beach! but cheap everything (getting around on the sand long distance is difficult and can cost) and friendly welcoming locals.
The most developed island is Sal much less so is Boa Vista, which is mostly made up of sand dunes and crystal clear waters and fabulous beaches. The sand nature of the island means though its only 20 miles from North to South its hard going and takes hours. The highest point is Pico d’Estancia, at only 390m high. Sal is 3 hours away by boat so its not a short hop. Sal Rei is the main town and port but is disappointing for the tourist. You should do your research and find a good resort, get a 4x4 with GPS or guide and explore to get the most out of your holiday here. The best beach is hard to get to called Santa Monica officially Praia Curralinho its a 20 mile slog in a 4x4 but its magnificent and interestingly unique.

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