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Consider joining the club we are smaller and more unique therefore. We're a very social bunch here brought up with travel in hostels and we never get tired of another bus ride into the unknown.

I have a personal feeling of excitement being in many of the most exciting capital cities Bangkok, Hong Kong or relaxing in my Bali Resort after a days surfing. I am miles away from my country of birth and nothing is as it seems in Japan.

Nick Tuk Tuk

It was a time dilemma: I had to get assignments marked and back to a university in Australia, but also had to organize a visa run. In Cambodia one can get extensions almost forever, but my passport had expired and been replaced so a fresh stamp was required. What to do, what to do? Tuk-tuk driver to the rescue.

“Nick can you come to my apartment, pick up my passport and arrange a boat ticket to Chao Doc on Friday for me?”

Attractions and sites abound in China, whether you choose to visit the capital of Beijing or take a hiatus to Shanghai. You will never be out of things to do while you enjoy a holiday on the Asian continent. One of the main events of your trip to China should be a visit to the Great Wall of China, which can be visited at various points along its lengthy course.

Well, time had come for me finally to say good buy to Thailand, and Khoa San Road.. and boy was I glad to see the back of them both.. I left Bangkok and headed to Beijing, have to be honest I was a little apprehensive at first as I had all those visions of not being able to get around town, everything in mandarin etc.. and to make things more adventurous I was arriving in Beijing without an idea of where I would stay.

Plan Your Future Mahseer Fishing Trip

Mahseer is a cold-water fish that stays within water that is highly oxygenated. This fish possess a lifespan of 20 to 25 years. Popularly known as ‘The Underwater Tiger’, this fish gives a very strong fight. Apart from this, they also possess a very strong smelling sense which helps them to detect the food from a distance. They mainly rely on the fishes and the arthropods for their food.

india gate delhi

The charm, the grandeur and royalty is how India is sometimes described. Not only in monetary terms but the country is also rich in terms of culture, traditions and heritage sites. It is because of this reason that the country was once called “Golden Bird”. Fascinated by the beauty and the charm of the country or rather the finances that come from plunder, many rulers have invaded over the years.

From Aibak the slave who would one day rule India (Qutb-ud-din Aibak) to Mughals to the British, the country has been ruled and evolved a unique way. These times has created a teaching to the people of India including the importance of our country and being patriotic. Today India stands as a word economic power with such wealth and poverty juxtaposed among the streets of Mumbai to the beaches of Kerela.

Maharajas Express

Traveling always gets a new experience and when one chooses train to do it, the excitement just triggers to another level. The luxury train experience introduced in India takes this experience several folds higher with the royalty and comfort that is offered during the entire trip. These trains have been designed to fulfill the adventurous desire while keeping the passengers safe. A best way to explore India when visitors come for the first time is taking a tour with any of the five trains. These take separate tours in different regions and have the lavish set up to treat the passengers majestically throughout.

Colaba India

My dear frined Minesh went to India and shared his story with me via this website. I like real travel blogs.

"I couldn't believe it, I was literally on Indian soil for 2 minutes and I had been robbed"

Well leaving for Hong Kong, I would have to make the now obligatory stop in Bangkok (just cant avoid it) but my 3 hours here were spent in the luxury of the business lounge which gave me the ideal opportunity to eat, drink and surf to my hearts content!
Had a very good flight in to Mumbia, got talking to an American guy (Brian) and an Aussie chick (Sarah). Sarah and Brian as it turned out were staying in the same guesthouse as luck would have it. I was meeting a friend from UK, and she was meeting me at the airport. Finally clearing immigration and customs I was so happy about my first visit to India, that I had to call home and let my mum know that I was finally here, however my jubilation was short lived as some light fingered bugger helped him (or her) self to my mobile. I couldn't believe it, I was literally on Indian soil for 2 minutes and I had been robbed.

Our top 5 reasons to plan a trip to Jimbaran, Bali.

From natural wonders to cultural centers and spas, it’s a great vacation spot.

Great Bali hotels spread out throughout the island, but there are a few reasons you should decide to stay in the Jimbaran area, at the far south of the island. We know there’s probably a ton of reasons to choose Jimbaran, but here are our top 5 sights and activities in the region.

Everyone likes a good celebration. If you are a young traveler or just someone keen on having a wild time while relaxing in the sun, then finding the perfect party tropical island should be your priority. There are countless tropical destinations in the world and all of them are beautiful, however, not all of them offer the party atmosphere you may need.

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