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Caribbean Travel Guide

A comprehensive guide to planning your Caribbean vacation: Learn about the Caribbean islands, how to get there, how to get around once you're there, where to stay, and what to see and do.

You can take a Caribbean Cruise - Why Would you NOT?

Cruising the Caribbean is a good way to get a flavour of several islands over a duration of a minimum of 3days. Ships disembark from Miami or Fort Lauderdale, Port Canaveral, Charlestonand New Orleans in the South. This list is non exhaustive and some ships even start out from San Juan in Puerto Rico. You can also leave from suprising destinations like New York! So it's clear you need to keep your mind open and check around a few cruisline companies online.
If you have just 3 days you can expect to only get to Cozumel in Mexico or the Bahamas.
6 days can see you get to a combination of destinations from Key West, Belize, Honduras the Bahamas (Bahamas spots can be the companies private isle) not all included in a single cruise.
If you stay for 7 days you get to choose the rough area from

  • Eastern Caribbean
  • Western Caribbean
  • Southern Caribbean – only visited for Cruises of a length greater than 6 days you get to call at destinations like Roatan, Belize
  • Circle the Caribbean sometimes called Exotic Caribbean. These cruises have a selection from all Caribbean destinations and may finish in a new destination. Or greater length may see you pass the Panama Canal! It would not be wise to do a longer Caribbean Cruise if it is your first time.
zipline antigua

Popular Attractions in Antigua and Barbuda

There are some really good things you can do on both islands, we hope to break things down for you a little so that you can get an idea before you land in Antigua or Barbuda what you want to do.

It can be daunting if landing from a cruise ship and making your mind up then. So please ask any questions you may have or Antiguan Tour Guides who are there to help you.

Capital:St Johns

Population approx 85k

Deep Sea Fishing Charters from $600, Antigua fishing - you will get the chance to catch the big stuff and some smaller more common varieties. They go for Mahi Mahi , King fish and Barracuda for example.

From His Perspective (As the man I will be writing this part of this informative article)

My daughter 'Summer' just turned 1 and it is a long time since we were able to get away anywhere.

barbados beaches

Barbados sits out just east of the Caribbean Sea but actually IN in the western Atlantic Ocean. Considered a part of the Lesser Antilles. Due to its position it gives enthusiasts more options for water sports as the atlantic side gets good surf.

Saint Lucia lies to the to the west and south west is Saint Vincent & the Grenadines.Further south lies Trinidad and Tobago. Barbados's total land area is about 425 square kilometres, and is mostly low landscaped, with some higher regions in the middle such as Mount Hillaby in Saint Andrew. Barbados is NON Volcanic unlike Monserrat. Barbados is tropical, with trade winds off the Atlantic Ocean which makes for an ideal climate for vacations and living too. Otherwise it can be wooded and where this meets the sea, mangroves. Historically Sugar Cane was a mainstay for wealth and trade on the island and today its more tourism and rum exports.

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Things to see and do in Barbados.


You might start off with a look at Bridgetown the historical capital where for example you can find the rum distillery tour or the cigar factory. There are some pretty looking buildings and St Mary's Church is very welcoming go in take a look around, you may get told of its interesting history like that of the tiled floor. The tiles originated from the UK slave ships and were used as ballast on the journey and no longer required for the return. Slaves would be brought from Africa and the ships would return with sugar mostlly.

Carlisle Bay
This is a great fun beach and is interesting for cruise ship guests with some sea fun going on. Its not idylic but if fun sand sun and food are on your list this is close by to bridgetown. Some scuba outlets operate from Carlise bay.

For a long time a Spanish colony has meant a contribution to the cultural wealth in Cuba (See Trinidad on the south Coast)Cuba is the largest in the Caribbean about the same size as England. Havana is the weathered capital and in 1972 she was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Many of the cities have beautiful architecture, museums, theatres and market squares, and the best salsa music in the Latin world. You can take a taxi ride in the ageing and unique American cars.

Cuba covers 110,860 square kilometres and has a population of approximately 11 ½ million.

mogotes cuba

Travel through Cuba not limited to backpacking is so many things - but above all, (and I will surely fail to impress upon you) is the uniqueness of it. With a history dominated by controversy involving most notably the USA and Soviet Union, Cuba has not been without violent incident and struggle. In more recent history these incidents made all the more acute and rightly or wrongly by an individual man called Fidel Castro and certain others outside Cuba - men who have come and gone (Castro remains *), and other less known individuals making up the army and another individual we all know as Che. The revolutionaries that once and for all freed Cuba from Batista. Some think he [Castro] is dead others read that which he has had written from his hospital bed. But this is not a story of the History of Cuba this is a story of Cuba today (may june 2008).

*Summer 2016 it could be that Fidel Castro is dead

Editors note - Fidel Castro Died November 25, 2016 according to the nations press.

Here is my recommendation on places to visit in Cuba:

1. Habana ( I stayed around near plaza Viaja, in Habana viaja. Casa perticular in Habana is around CUC 25 per day.

2. Vinales - Bus ride from Habana.. This a valley and from here you can go to two different diving sites. 1 to the west tip of Cuba ( Marina Hemingway)and 2 Cauo Lavisa. ( 4-5 days) You can spend ages in vinales.

from vinales you can take a bus to Trinidad.. ( great City), base yoursel here and go around santa Clara, pay of bigs, playa ankon.. .. (4-5 days )

Cuba is one of the greatest places to cycle. The roads are great, very little traffic, friendly people and it’s as safe. It’s not an expensive country and you can have a great time with less than CUC $40 a day, which equates to around UK £25 (March 2008)

Yesterday Haiti was subjected to a 7 point Earthquake yesterday. The poverty in Haiti means that they will really struggle to cope with immediate medical care and certainly rebuilding. Please visit any of the links posted in the BBC link above.
My thoughts go out to the individuals currently in this hell like situation.

beach horse ride st lucia

We stayed at Rodney Bay and the Rex Resort there called the St Lucian during the month of November. It’s hard to fault the beach here and the resort also has a great variety of watersports  on offer.

In Spanish but the best Turks and Caicos Blog by edelle updated regularly and with beautiful imagery.

Here is a great blog on Turks and Caicos daily life


The United States Virgin Islands offer a Caribbean experience within the US territory. The islands present a lot of exciting activity opportunity, so make sure that you make the full value of your trip and do all things necessary on the US virgin islands of St. Croix, St. Thomas and St. John. There is a lot to do from snorkeling, scuba diving, duty free shopping to just relaxing on the beach. Here is a list of your would-be activities on a trip to the US Virgin Islands.

St Thomas skyride to Paradise point: Take the St. Thomas skyride that takes you 700 ft above the Charlotte Amalie town. The view of the ride is breathtaking and once you reach the summit point , you feel the true meaning of freedom and vacation at Paradise point. The Paradise point has been voted the best view of 2009 & 2010. Slowly stroll on the nature trail gathering pleasant memories and exploring the local flora and fauna. Don’t miss the wedding Gazebo and take beautiful pictures of the blue Caribbean. Enjoy your time in Paradise point with your family and friends while you search for duty free Caribbean treasures from the tourist shops. A fun experience at Paradise point is to see the antics of exotic birds and be amazed at their intelligence. The exotic bird show is held twice daily and after the show you can have your own pirate snap with the parrot on your shoulders. As the day cruises to the evening, enjoy the sunset with a great dinner at any of the restaurants.

• Take photos of iguanas on Sapphire beach: You will find a lot of Iguanas roaming on sapphire beach, they are harmless as long as you do not bother them. Click photos from a distance and do not try to feed them. You can also engage in a variety of water sports on Sapphire beach. Water sports that are available on the Sapphire beach include wind surfing, kayaking, jet skis and para-sailing. There is a beach bar,some gift shops and a restaurant on the beach. On Sunday afternoons you can enjoy live music on the beach and also in the beach bar. Also, you will always find some hands ready for a game of beach volleyball.

• Snorkel at Coki beach on St. Thomas: Snorkel in the crystal clear waters of the Coki beach in St Thomas. A great variety of fishes will accompany you. If you are tired of snorkeling, you can just rent a beach chair and an umbrella to relax. However, there is very little parking available and the beach gets crowded. To avoid the crowds, visit the beach after 3 pm.

• Visit the Bluebeards castle in Charlotte Amalie. Local legends say that the castle built by the famous pirate for Mercedita, the woman he loved all his life. However, history book says that the castle was built by the Danes in 1689 to help with the protection of Fort Christian. The fort’s located on Bluebeard’s hill, East of Charlotte Amalie.