Chamonix sits right at Mont Blanc, making it the ultimate ski destination in France. Besides winter activities, they offer first-rate cuisine and spa experiences.

Bienvenue to Chamonix. Welcome to Chamonix in the Rhone-Alpes region of France, a ski resort that takes the resort to a whole new level. Literally, considering you'll find Chamonix at Mont Blanc; the highest mountain peak on the European continent at a staggering 15,781 feet.

You're not going that high to ski, but close enough. While Chamonix is one of the most celebrated ski resorts in France, if not around the globe, it can be a bit expensive. That said, save your pennies and Euros then come to experience the every snow sport known to man. Maybe you'll invent one or two?

What's awesome about Chamonix is that even non-skiers can enjoy "skiing". Huh? Let me explain. They got these things called Snow Taxis, specifically designed that anyone who can't (or is unable) to ski can get the full experience.

There's even this thing called Speed Riding. Oh, this is outstanding where paragliding is blended into skiing. Not the skiing novice, that's for sure. Best to stick to the beginner trails of Chamonix's 74 trails, you're alloted more than 50 percent of them. Considering that only 14 percent of the ski resort's trails are desingated to advanced, that might be why there's speed riding and such.

Getting to the top is quick and simple with 41 lifts taking in excess of 58,000 skiers an hour. Depending on your trail and preference, they got everything from cable cars to gondolas (7 cable cars and 4 gondolas respectively).

You can do all this during Chamonix's skiing season that runs from late December to the end of April. Throughout this long season you can do all sorts of other winter sports. Dog sledding is possible, as well as snowboarding. And, get this, you can go ice climbing and cross country ski, as well as try mountaineering and the luge.

You best get yourself a guide, or take a lesson (perhaps two) if you're going to tackle something as extreme as these. The French Alps aren't for the sissy-lala crowd.

After deciding to come down off the mountain you won't be without anything to do. This is France. The restaurants are as heavenly as the scenery, and the spa treatments are both sinfully wonderful and appreciated.

Summer sees just a tad less number of visitors, but not by much. They're coming to travel on the Petit Train, a small "railway" that takes you on a tour of the town. But, it doesn't matter the season to hit up the tea houses, bars and nightclubs, nor the museums and cinema.

With so much going on you know there's an accommodation for you. All the better to keep you here, right? Want a chalet? They got 'em. Need a lodge or small apartment? They got them too.

My thought it that Chamonix doesn't want you to say au revoir. Anyone know how to say "I'll see you again soon" in French?

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