While Malaysian living standards and general health standards are very high compared with many other Asian countries, there are still a number of issues to be concerned about. If you are travelling to Asia for the first time, your body will not be as well adapted as compared with someone who travels regularly. hotels range in quality and price. For someone travelling the first time, the better ones are recommended. There are a number of reasons why this is the case. Mainly, due to issues of cleanliness and the types of other guests you will meet. In this article, we look at staying healthy during your visit. Your accommodation will have a lot to do with this.

  • People and Places. While Malaysia is a very safe country compared with most other Asian countries, it is important we understand that many developing nations have a different society demographic than our more developed Western nations. I have traveled extensively around Asia and there is one commonality with all of these countries, except Japan perhaps. Asian countries tend to have a higher degree of disparity among their people. This includes issues of education and wealth. What this means that some people will be very poor and living well below the poverty line than others. They may also have very stereotypical and unfounded ideas about the world around them. If you are staying in cheap accommodation, you may find yourself meeting a diverse bunch of people from all nationalities and walks of life.
  • Food. Whenever travelling to Asia, we must all keep our stomachs in mind. While there are delicious foods available on the street, and most of the time they will not harm you, it is obviously much easier for us to get ill than a local. If you are concerned, eating in hotels where you know the sanitary conditions and preparation of your food is what you require is highly recommended. Dysentery and Diarrhea can be debilitating to say the least especially without the comforts of home. In a humid climate, these are issues we really need to aware of. Severe diarrhea can destroy a week of business or pleasure. Hepatitis A and B are also very prevalent. Keeping your hands clean and being careful what you eat and drink, is an absolute must. Here are more tips on healthy travel to Malaysia.
  • Hospitals. While medical care is at a very good standard, as a tourist or expatriate, you would only consider going to a private hospital. You are a perfect opportunity for these places to make money. A small problem could easily turn into many thousands of dollars. Having the appropriate travel insurance is a necessity. If you don’t have the money to pay for travel insurance, you don’t have the money to go. Travel insurance is available very cheap if you buy direct online. You can purchase it in an instant. There is just no reason not to have it.

All in all, there is no reason why you will not have a great time while you are in Malaysia. Take normal precautions with cleanliness and remember you are a visitor to a strange land. People are not always as friendly as they may pretend to be. As tourists we are often the target of those who want to make an extra dollar and those who get jealous.