Xigia Beach Zakynthos
Xigia Beach Zakynthos

Every Zakynthos photo has a story, if we don't tell you it then you will have to imagine! But here are a selection of photos of places in Zakynthos (Zante) which evoke the true spirit of the destination. If you are looking for the destination Guide click Zante Guide

Xigia Beach

This small beach has a unique trait that there is a natural sulphur deposit into the water. Benefits are spoken about of taking a dip here and so it gets almost impossibly crowded by foot traffic and boat traffic. It's a stop on the tour circuit. So you will need to get here early.

Turtle Island

You can get a guided tour or rent your own low powered boat to explore the area south of Laganas around Keri. This is the approach to the turtle shaped beach on turtle island. 

Marathonisi Island

turtle island zante

Marathonisi Location

Get here by small boat, rent from the southern beaches such as Laganas or Keri. We recommend Dolphin from Keri beach right on the waters edge.


Greek Night

You are entertained with traditional Greek dancers fire included! Wine and dine first on specialties like mousakka and kebabs. They might also get you doing the conga. It's that kind of evening.

Various Places

greek night

Greek Barmen

Greek Barman
Greek Barman

These guys were excellent in making the party move with Ouzo!

The Mill Alykanas Location

You can find this in a few places but we elected to do it at The Mill which is on the beach pretty much and walkable for most.

Church of Agios Nikolaos of Molos

Located in the pretty Dionysios Solomos Square in Zakynthos town is this pretty wall with 3 bells, part of this church.

Agios Nikolaos of Molos

agios nicoloas molos

Zante Town Square Location

We will explore more of Zakynthos town another trip!


This is a great place to enjoy an afternoon or morning on. Close to the party destination of Laganas but far enough away to enjoy the slower side of Zakynthos.

Kalamaki Beach (South Zante)

Kalamaki Beach as a tourist plane lands.
Kalamaki Beach Zante



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