letsos deluxe block pool
letsos deluxe block pool

The Letsos Alykanas


Don't let emotion and the professional photos of the pool settle your decision to stay. It is not as accessible (not included) and therefore a frustration as you want what you buy into and can't necessarily have it. So go for this place if you get a decent deal but know that other options are available.

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The hotel allows non-guests to use the pool and facilities! We feel this may be a better 'deal' depending on your time of booking and group numbers. The pool is going to be very crowded during the school holidays.

The deluxe accommodation block has no facilities but was a game changer as we had a very lovely quiet experience here on a few occasions.

We did get some enjoyment from the main pool but not enough. You have to pay extra to get access to the better pool furniture you see in the lovely photos. Food is 'decent' by the main pool but any mixed drink is of low alcohol content and overpriced. So stick to the overpriced beer and wine or go for non-alcoholic juice etc.

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Letsos deluxe pool and rooms, you can see the rooms that have 'private' pool access. Do you like that? Would you want it? It's not for me.

letsos deluxe block pool

Letsos Delux Room Review

Room Specifics: Deluxe Block Family Room x 4 Pax

Pool - private for use of only the deluxe guests makes this property a viable place to stay.


Nice Design
Good Beds
Upstairs had a balcony onto the road or if downstairs it's your own private access to the deluxe block pool
4 single beds


Toilet in same 'space' as shower
Basin in the room! Not in the bathroom.
Across The Road
No double beds
Stairs risk bang on the head

Letsos Hotel Review


Just a 5-minute walk to very good Alykanas beach.
Limited parking if you rent a car.


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