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Countries come, countries go, but Bulgaria remains. In fact, it has kept its name for almost twelve hundred years. Be that as it may, Bulgaria is a country of ski resorts and beaches, conservative attitudes with a Mediterranean flavor.

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The capital city of Sofia is the best place to start any Bulgarian journey, a place dotted with architecture from the best builders through the ages; from the Greeks, Romans, Turks, to the stunning Byzantine. That's all in addition to the art galleries, churches, and museums.

Venturing outside Sofia the best place to be is the Black Sea, full of beaches that can be enjoyed from May to October. It gets cold here in Bulgaria in the winter, so enjoy the beaches while you can.

Near the Black Sea you'll find ancient mineral spas, a perfect place to relax after hiking and mountain biking. The prettiest place to hike is the Trigrad Gorge, full of caves with names like the Devil's Throat Cave.

The Valley of the Thracian Kings is full of ancient burial mounds--another wonderful place to hike. It wouldn't be right to leave out the Rose Valley, blooming to its full glory in May and June.

The Middle Ages lefts its mark on Bulgaria--and you'll see the best of it at the Batchkovo Monastery (b. 11th century) and the Rila Monastery, built a century before that.

Wherever you go in Bulgaria it's safe to eat and drink just about whatever you want. And local specialites include the cold cucumber soup known as tarator, and surmi--meat stuffed cabbage leaves.

Bulgaria makes its own wines, and in the area of Melnik there are wine cellars to visit to sample them. The rich reds are delicious.

Getting around in Bulgaria is simple enough, even if you don't know how to read the Cyrillic alphabet or speak the official language of Bulgarian. English, German, French, and Russian are all widely spoken.

All the better to be able to see the cobblestone streets of towns like Plovdiv, framed with little cafes and shops.

Then again, screaming down one of the downhill ski trails in the Balkan Mountains trancends any language. During the warmer months biking causes the screaming down the mountainside.

Biking the mountains isn't all that easy, but for the most part getting from place to place in Bulgaria is relatively easy. There are all sorts of buses, planes, boats (along the Danube and on the Black Sea), trolleys, and trams to get you around. Driving around the mountain region isn't exactly the best idea to do on your own, so get a local to take you around if necessary.

What else is necessary is a passport and an ongoing ticket, which isn't even required if you're from the European Union. Most foreign nationals don't even need a visa. But, best to check with the consulate before you've left home.

Fantastic, all the easier to get to Bulgaria's historical sites, ski areas, and beaches--and screaming down the mountain, of course.

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Horse riding in Bulgaria is an inimitable experience, which offers a great deal of satisfaction, whether you are a novice or an experienced rider. The rich Bulgarian landscape, particularly the mountain areas offer varied terrain and some great routes for riding. Seeing Bulgaria from the saddle will also enable you to take in the breathtaking scenery at a slow pace as well as spotting some of its abundant wildlife.