Welcome to Buenos Aires!

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From the excellent Estoril Hostel in Buenos Aires comes this useful welcome information for tired travellers landing in Buenos Aires. From the international airport (EZE, aka “Ezeiza” or “Ministro Pistarini”)

Things to Do

Recoletta Cemetery /Area

Recoletta is a poorly connected but well to do suburb for the rich. It is most well known for the cemetery which features some amazing architectural examples of tombs. Eva Peron is entombed here and her grave is the only one to get flowers daily. There are some museums here in the area too.
You might walk to some of the gardens around from here or just explore some of the residential streets around. There is a cinema and home furnishing centre.

San Telmo

San Telmo is well connected with the subway and has a lot of hostels and places you can stay. There are a plethora around the streets Chile and Avenida Mayo. Check the end of the article for a list. It has some very fine dining options for all budgets and some of the major sights like the obelisque.  This is a good place to stay.


Palermo has some interesting streets to see with a few designer shops and the nightlife is usually here. Parks and Gardens too. The Japanese Gardens are a very pleasant walk for an hour or so. The Botanical Gardens have some cool statues and it seems to be the kingdom of the cats as they seem to be everywhere.

La Boca

Formed by immigrants some typical style houses –( reconstructed tin shacks) brightly painted remain. Buenos Aires is not known for its danger and indeed you will feel most comfortable wandering around BUT YOU SHOULD TAKE CARE ! This is still a South American Metropolis. If there is an area of the city that is a bit edgy this is it. The touristic areas are limited to a few obvious streets with paintings for sale the usual stuff, Boca Juniors Kit   It is home of the Boca Juniors football club, you can do a tour for 30 A$ which is good but the museum is less interesting unless you are really into the team and can read Spanish.  You can go and watch Boca play sometime. The metro doesn’t serve this part of the city either so its a bus or taxi.

Tango Lessons

Contact a professor of Tango : Marina Elizabeth Rasso and really get into the spirit of Buenos Aires ! The passion is in Argentina's most famous dance.

What to Wear

Maybe BA feels European also as the locals seem to dress this way, going out you can wear an elegant dress if you choose. But equally you can get into a club with day wear usually. In the cooler months you might prefer to wear shoes instead of flip flops as a visitor. But also the amount of walking one does in this city can be a lot.

Getting Around.

The metro can get you out to Palermo for example the stop Plaza D’Italia. But it is useless for visiting Boca or Recoletta or Puerto Madera. Buses work well from Boca to San Telmo like the 29 which runs up Defensa and by the Durango square where you can see more street tango. Taxis can be very useful and in the day not expensive. Getting back from a club the meters spin so much faster and the prices double. Also beware of the drivers favourite scam switching your good bills for their fakes and saying that you handed them a fake!

Argentina Hotels and Hostels

Please consider adding your place to this list of places to stay in Argentina

If you have any more Buenos Aires or Argentina Tips please comment at the end of this article so that our readers can benefit.

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