La Paz, Bolivia is located at an altitude of 11, 811 feet (or 3,600 meters), which is a city of startling contrast and stunning beauty. It is situated is a sunken valley of Andes Mountain range. The picturesque snow capped Mount Illimani, at an elevation of 21 thousand feet, can be easily seen from this city.

La Paz is one of the last travel destinations of South America that still needs to be explored. In fact, the city is the highest capital city in the world, which belongs to the Bolivia's Altiplano region. Almost half of the entire population of La Paz (about 1.5 million) lives in the valley itself and the rest half lives in rickety housing at the plateau of El Alto, which is just above the city. Even the airport of the city is located in El Alto and is the highest international airport in the whole world.

However you prepare yourself for the city, you will always find yourself surprised once you are surrounded by the new sounds, sights and smells of the city. La Paz is a mix between the past and the present and hence the city is highly influenced by the modern culture, still it maintains the traditional but authentic roots of Andean culture. As a sign of historical influence, you will see the inhabitants of La Paz wearing colorful indigenous clothing. On the other hand, you'll also see the city bustling with modernization, whose examples are: skyscrapers, tourists, busy traffic and suited business man, etc.


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