Well its been ages since I have updated the journal, I guess keeping in touch is hard whether your traveling or working…anyway, I have to apologize for keeping it brief, I don’t want to bore any of you..

After leaving the jungle covered in bites, tried to leave La Paz for Cocacabana (not the one in Rio) with the aim of seeing Lake Titicaca, and some of the islands. I say tried to leave as Bolivia was in the middle of political unrest, and so there were endless roadblocks, riots etc. However, I had a window of opportunity, as there was a big fiesta on, and so the roadblocks ceased so that they can get people in and out for the weekend.. However, it wasn’t all plain sailing – I was suppose to catch my bus (which I got the ticket for free after some smooth talking) to Cocacabana at 10am, but the night before I got back to the hostel and got a message so say that we now leaving at 4am to avoid any potential road blocks.. not the thing you want to hear at 1am. So I sit there in the reception at 4am, a bit worse for wear.. and I don’t get picked up till 9.30am.. not a happy camper, but this is south America and so you things happen when they happen. Got to the lake in the end, a lovely little town, and the following morning took a boat at to Isla de Sol for a half day trek.. the following day headed to Puno, which is on the Peruvian side of the lake..

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