In the north of Brazil is Bahia and Itacarè where you will find a very real Brazil and its a great backpacking destination it's especially popular as a place where you can learn to surf or even try it as the waves are nicely tame and predictable. The region is rich in culture for others and you might like to take some time to explore towns and beaches nearby. Salvador would be such a town and deserves a separate mention.


If you are keen to surf then go online at their website

The most important ingredient at EasyDrop is the surf school

with its claim to offer maximum progress in a minimum given time-frame.

However, EasyDrop still offers many other services:

* Along with the surf courses you can book complete travel packages, which includes beach front lodging and airport shuttles.

* In the well equipped EasyDrop massage room, our team member Moema offers her magical hands in providing total muscle relaxation after long paddling sessions.

* At the EasyDrop bar/café you'll not only taste the best home-made brownie in Bahia, but also the best tropical fruit juices in town, the strongest Caipirinha, ice-cold beer, home-made Pizza, Sushi, "Feijoada Carioca", live-music gigs, surf-movie sessions, local backgammon- and chess tournaments, surf/arts library, small-talk, political debates and much, much more...

I have only done one surf camp myself and that was in Barbados at Zeds. But I really want to do more and visit more of Brazil. So this looks like a good option.