tropical paradise
tropical paradise

Fernando de Noronha

Fernando de Noronha is an archipelago in Brazil and a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site. Its so exclusive that time spent staying there is limited and your taxed with an increasing amount each day.

Its pristine beaches, landscapes and wildlife attract tourists worldwide. Here, you can escape the crowds of Brazil and lounge in paradise. It is off the beaten path so you can be assured you will have privacy once you get there. Services are basic but life is simple here and you’ll find you won’t miss anything. That being said the luxury resorts are turning that around.

Fly from Natal to Fernando de Noronha in 1 hour 25 minutes direct

Some things to do here 

Relaxing on the stunning beaches
Explore the rich reef in an unspoilt area.
here there are great hiking trails across the island for many abilities.
In season you can experience turtles hatching.

Some Quick Facts
Population:  2,100
Size: 18 km
Power Outlets: 127/220V 60Hz
Official Languages: Portuguese
Currency: Brazilian Real - pronounced 'heyal'
Time Zone: GMT -2 (thats right very little jetlag for some)
Calling Code: +55

When to go: In Fernando de Noronha, there are only two seasons: a dry season (from September up to March) and a rainy season (from April up to August).

Photo by Ze Paulo Gasparotto