Santiago De Chile
Santiago De Chile

With more than 5,000,000 inhabitants and a bit more than 500 meters above sea level, the capital of Chile is one of the most modern metropolitan areas in Latin America.

Its architecture is mainly modern style since most of the colonial buildings were destroyed by the many very frequent earthquakes in the whole country.
One of the most impressive things of Santiago is the transportation network,that will take you everywhere in the city and also to the Greater Santiago (the big area around the city) very fast. Yellow mini-buses, 25,000 cabs and specially the Santiago Metro with almost 90 km of extension and more than 100 stations. It's the fastest, cheapest and safest mean of transportation although, in general, Santiago is a very safe city.
Located in a valley and surrounded by beautiful mountains, the area has a Mediterranean climate so you don't have to worry about extreme temperatures. Dry warm in the summer (December to March) with temperatures never higher than 35 Celsius (95 Farenheit) and a little more humid in the Winter (June-August) in the range of -2 C to 13 C snowing every 10 years approximately... Mornings are the coldest part of the day.

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Places to visit: The Plaza de Armas (Metro Line 5 station Plaza de Armas), Parque Araucano in Los Condes close to Parque Aracano Mall (closed on Mondays)(Metro Line 1 station Escuela Militar), Central Station (Metro Line 1 station EstaciĆ³n Central).
Concerning food: You must taste Chilean wine and sea-food!

image - Photo by Alisha Lubben:

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