Like many other coastal cities of Chile, Vina del Mar too consists of two different parts. One part consists of winding houses and streets that cling to the hills precariously. The other part consist of buildings and streets that have been built by adhering to the colonial era grid plan and lie between the sea and the hills. Unofficially, Vina is known as the tourism capital of Chile, which occupies around 170 square km area and inhabits a population of 300,000. Some of the best travel destinations of this town are given below:

Cerro Castillo
Cerro Castillo has served as the Presidential summer residence since 1931. If you like, you can see the Museum of Maritime Culture, Castillo Wulff, which is located in this area. In this area there is one prominent beach of Chile and that is the Playa Caleta Abarca.

Quinta Vergara
Quinta Vergara is another very prominent place of Vina, where a tourist can find the main square of the city (Plaza Vergara), the municipal theater (Teatro Municipal) and the horse carriages (quaint Victorias). Some other tourist places in this area include: Vergara Amphitheater, Parque Quinta Vergara, Palacio Vergara and Mirasol, Los Marineros and Acapulco beaches.

City Center
It is in rectangular shape and is bounded in the north by Marga Marga Estuary and in the south by railway line. Once can find Plaza Jose Francisco Vergara to its east and wooded Castle Hill to the west.

Renaca consists of a wide selection of shopping centers, discotheques, hotels, restaurants and beaches, which made it the focus point for various holiday activities.


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